Tiny Apartment? Here Are 15 Ways You Can Redesign Your Small Kitchen

While big houses tend to give a lot of attention to the design of the kitchen, small houses tend to have so many problems due to space. Itā€™s easy to find objects lying around in places they donā€™t fit in.Ā 

Placing items in suitable places where you donā€™t have to bump into them all the time requires skill. There are ways to redesign that small kitchen to make it look so exquisite and thatā€™s what this article would be about.Ā 

1. Add a Preparation AreaĀ 

For the fact that you do not have sufficient space to design such a small kitchen, it is important to get the necessary knowledge on kitchen ideas, decoration inspo, and equipment that can help you save space.Ā 

One of these many ideas is bringing in a table that can serve as a spot for preparation while cooking and also as dining if you have no designated dining area in the house.Ā 

2. Add Upper CabinetsĀ 

Having open shelves that can be easily accessed to get your plates and cooking utensils can be convenient. In a small kitchen, it is therefore important to add them so they can serve as storage areas for your plates and even some kitchen gadgets.Ā 

3. Add Extra Seats

If you don’t have a designated dining area in the house, the remaining space in your small kitchen can have one or two chairs and a small table for dining. Since these can be used for various purposes, itā€™s a convenient way to accommodate visitors when you welcome any guests.

4. Install Pendant Light or Better Light FixturesĀ 

The brighter the light, the better the cooking. You can add extra light or create an avenue for natural daylight to find its way in. It is important to lighten up your kitchen to avoid simple cooking errors while cooking.Ā 

5. Organize Your CabinetĀ 

When you have a small kitchen, leaving plates, pots and other cooking utensils all over the place can make your kitchen an eyesore. You must organize your cabinet such that your cooking utensils are closely arranged together and organized for easy access.

You can also install a floating table, when the kitchen is such that there is not so much space between the walls to contain a table, it is ideal to improvise and install a floating table attached to the wall.Ā 

6. Keep Your Materials CohesiveĀ 

The fact that the kitchen is small, means that you should keep your cooking materials together. No need for having endless containers around that occupy space in the kitchen.Ā 

7. Declutter RegularlyĀ 

It is important to make it a habit of getting rid of mismatched plates or bad cooking pots from time to time just to make the kitchen feel light and spacious. Another way to do this is to make use of vertical furniture. When you go for vertical furniture making such that your pots, knives cabinets are just a bit above your stove area it frees up a lot of space.Ā 

8. Add Light to Shelves and CabinetsĀ 

Cooking in a dimly lit kitchen can be hazardous. It can even give you headaches from having to strain their eyes especially with people with not so good eyesight. It is therefore important to light up the kitchen even better, add artificial lights around the shelves and cabinet areas to make the kitchen brighter and appealing to the eyes.

9. Opt for Small AppliancesĀ 

The fact that small is mentioned does not suggest that it is cheap, low level, bottom barrel, or low quality. It can be small and still be of high quality. Apart from small appliances, you can also add small kitchen equipment like a tiny sink.Ā 

If carefully examined, it can be easily noticed that the kitchen sink occupies a lot of space because it is usually wide. For a small kitchen, it is important to get a tiny sink that probably has a cover or chopping board and can serve as a preparation area.

10. Consider Moving the Freezer out of the Kitchen

A lot of people for easy cooking always have their big freezers in the kitchen. However, for a small kitchen, it is important to take it out of the kitchen entirely for more space in the kitchen.Ā 

11. Use Pattern in Unexpected PlacesĀ 

In most kitchens, the floor is usually the most ignored part. For a small kitchen, the floor is a very good place to use pattern design and make your kitchen feel spacious. The wall is also another perfect place to use patterns. You can use patterned tiles, wallpapers, or even decals.

12. Install a Pot RackĀ 

If the bulky pots and pans are taking valuable storage spaces, then create a rack and hang them from above. This frees up space to store other essentials. You should also make the most of marble. Marble is of course a great addition to any kitchen. However, it depends on affordability and personal style.Ā 

13. Add a Good Kitchen RugĀ 

A rug is good and it gives a smooth feeling to the floor of your kitchen. However, if you have growing children that would probably come into the kitchen at different times and get to pour liquids on the rug-making a mess of it, you might want to skip this tip.

14. Use the Wall Above the Counter for Additional StorageĀ 

When you have vertical shelves or cabinets, the wall above this cabinet can still be used to store valuable items in the kitchen. This gives your kitchen a nice and organized feature such that each cooking item can easily be located.Ā 

15. Get Appliances With Vivid ColorsĀ 

If one is a person that is not committed to having walls with vivid colours, it is then important to commit to getting appliances like a fridge with vivid colours all to balance out the colours in the kitchen.


Having a small kitchen isnā€™t a disadvantage, as long as you can come up with creative ways on how to save space and maximize storage areas. At the end of the day, it comes down to organizational skills. However, you donā€™t need to be an expert to do this, with the tips given in this post, youā€™ll appreciate your small cooking area better.

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