5 Instagram Hacks to Make Your Travel and Tourism Business Pop

You have come across some spectacular travel photos in your Instagram feed and stopped scrolling. It happens to most of us. You stop because the image or video is jaw-dropping. After all, such visuals deserve appreciation and admiration. Now, the credit goes to the photographer who shot the picture. There are many travel photos of Niagara Falls in Canada to leave you mesmerized. Whether it is Canada or any other landscape or waterfall in another part of the world, a high-definition photo or video garners thousands of likes compared to amateurish images of a similar location.

When it comes to your tourism business, there is no other platform to display pictures of mountains, verdant forests, lakes, pristine beaches, or breathtaking monuments than Instagram. That is because it is a visually rich social media site.

According to an article published on https://www.lonelyplanet.com, if you are passionate about travel photography, take shots of iconic landmarks when they are not crowded to make your photograph look stunning and compelling. So if you would like to make your travel or tourism business pop, here are five Instagram hacks to take it to the next level:

1. Publish High-Resolution Photos

When you are into travel and tourism, publish nothing but high-definition, stunning photos. Nothing mediocre will make an impact to garner more likes and followers on Instagram. Your IG photos or videos must look appealing and evoke the travel spirit or a feeling of adventure your tourism company wants to nurture.

Use photos that look bright and pleasing to visitors’ eyes. Make sure the lighting is perfect for your Instagram images. For example, if you are taking a shot just after sunset or before it, soft, light, or even lighting effects are perfect to make your image look awesome. You need to have the resolution right for taking such pictures.

2. Keep the Visual Design Consistent

Do you know the biggest issue with Instagram photos? It is the image design consistency, which marketers get wrong. If you would want to increase your likes and followers, your IG image gallery must look curated and consist of outstanding visuals to evoke your brand’s values and ideas.

When it comes to your IG account, you can make it or break it. If stylistic consistency is fine, you are a winner, else your efforts go down the drain. Your IG photos or videos should not only look consistent but also stir up the mood and essence of a travel experience or adventure.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, if you have New Zealand to promote through Instagram, ensure that all images or live videos you shoot depict the vastness of the land for travel enthusiasts to explore. Again, the lack of crowd in the visuals indicates that you are viewing the photos first-hand.

There must be some super visual branding when it comes to travel and tourism photos. If your visual storytelling is consistent, you can garner more likes or followers. What somebody likes on IG depends on image design consistency and quality of the visuals.

Then, what are you supposed to do if the photos are not landscapes? Well, you need to develop a consistent lineup of stunning images that represent a specific colour scheme, editing technique, or filters. For instance, you can post images of some location with a specific colour scheme such as green. Ireland tourism is the perfect example if you like to use green because the location is scenic and the country has a natural colour green.

3. Display Content of Followers on Your IG Profile

When it comes to Instagram, you need to post unique content. You cannot keep publishing images of the same beach locations repeatedly. It is not easy to post unique content daily when you have to deal with other aspects of the business. Fortunately, you can feature the content of your followers to keep pace on Instagram.

All you need to do is ask your followers to post visuals of the travel locations you organized. Alternatively, you can also run a photo contest. It is the best strategy if you want to grow your likes and follower count, thus keeping the visuals unique for a long time. You are giving a travel aficionado a chance to display his or her photo, and the person is returning the favour by allowing you to use that content. It is a win-win situation for your travel company.

If you do not have the time to do all these activities, hire a social media manager with experience in using the content of followers.

There are travel companies that use exclusive follower content, most of the images. If your IG profile has 41k followers, by re-posting follower content, you can have more followers. Then, choose only those visuals that are outstanding and not shabby. The images you re-post need not be from professional photographers, but they should have basic knowledge of taking high-definition images, use of filters, colours, and consistency.

4. Avoid Imitating Clichés or Trends

Though it may seem fun to post the latest and trending memes, most of the time, such a thing will make you look weird, especially if you are a travel brand. It may also seem that you have little time to post high-quality images and just for the sake of posting something, you are using memes in a hurry.

You are on Instagram to grow your travel and tourism business and not make people laugh with memes.

5. Nurture a Certain Idea in all Your Posts

This is important if you want to add some credibility to your branding and products or services. For example, you can publish photos of the scenic national parks of America that make the country the most sought travel destination. The idea is to tell your audience that they can enjoy the great outdoors and camp in one of the picturesque national parks of the US.


Use these tips to make your travel and tourism photos stand out from the rest. Your goal is to garner more likes, comments, and increase follower count. Maintain image consistency and make your visuals look appealing and informative on Instagram.

Author’s Bio:

Walter Moore is a writer and notable management and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer who has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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