6 Things You Should Do On Your Most Awaited First Date!

As our technology progresses day by day, dating sites have been widely accessible to people, especially youth. Online dating sites and apps are a popular way to meet and find someone that you may want to continue your life with. Along with it, we should not neglect the importance of casual dating because this is your chance to see what kind of people you are talking to and if you both share the same interest. It will guide you and allow you to know your partner better. Meeting someone in person is much better than online because you can spend more time with the person you are interested in and figure out whether you both have connection and compatibility or stay as friends.

We cannot be so sure about finding the right one for us to be married with. Dating first before the relationship helps you to know more about their personality and what type of person she/he might be. But before you proceed to your most awaited meet-up, we list down the things you should be doing on your first date. Always remember that the first impression lasts so that you always make sure you do the right thing and not make it worse.

1. Always be on Time

Before you go on a date, make sure you grab your trusted timepiece. If needed, it is important to wear your most treasured timepiece like Rolex, Cartier, Harry Winston, and Tissot Watches for an additional appeal and so that you can arrive earlier than your expected meeting time. Being early on your scheduled time shows how much you are prepared and excited to meet her. If you are a guy, make sure to always avoid being late at your agreed date spot to show respect for the other person’s time. Being early does not mean that you arrive 2-3 hours before your meeting spot, but arriving early also explains your personality and how much you are disciplined in having good time management, so that is why it is turned on to most ladies.

2. Have Good Hygiene and Wear Clothes Accordingly

When meeting someone for the first time, looks and behaviour are important, just like hygiene. Remember that you are always ready and do all your best to impress them by having a good shower, shaving your hair, brushing your teeth, and wearing clean clothes. The first impressions are always important because they tell what kind of person you are, especially how you treat yourself. Having proper hygiene like putting on deodorant and hairspray tells how disciplined and clean you are in your everyday life. 

3. Be Sure to be Sensitive and Respectful to your Partner and the People around you

Always make sure that your partner is still comfortable talking to you, otherwise, you won’t be seeing her again. When someone is talking to you, always make sure you don’t interrupt them at least possible, and always make sure they can express their thoughts fully because it reflects your attitude. Always be conscious about your partner’s beliefs because you might offend and hurt her feelings. Another thing that you should not be doing on your first date is being rude to people around you, such as the restaurant’s staff and crew members. Talking badly to other employees describes how poor your character is. Lastly, always ask consent when having a body interaction because touching your partner’s body part, mostly waist, hands, and hair, is an act of ungentlemanly manners.

4. Always Focus on your Partner

Some of us can be easily distracted and disturbed while it is with someone. Showing a lack of attention and poor listening skills might end up ruining your date. Why make sure to understand and listen to what she is telling you. When you miss some of her words, it might be interpreted as inattentiveness and lack of interest in your date. That is why when having a date it is all about first impressions, so make sure to make her feel that you are present and always listening to what she is trying to say.

5. Silent all your Devices and Prevent them from using them

It is impudent when you use your phone all the time while on your date because later on, your partner will get bored and leave you all of a sudden. So that is why it always prevents you from using your phone while you are on a date with someone else to improve your conversation and connection. Also, silence your phones to prevent distracting your dates and excuse when there is an urgent call, but as soon as you plan a date always make sure you prepare well so that your date will work just fine. I know some of us can’t wait to show our partners some funny videos from YouTube but having a real conversion is much better than showing some virtual clips and memes. Preparing questions and talking about the life you both have will give you extra points to knowing her more. Always give your partner attention so that she will do the same to you. But if you don’t take initiative, and continue to use your mobile phones it might be the end of your date.

6. Make sure to Take things Nice and Slow

I know some of us may be excited to ask some questions but always keep in mind that you must establish balance in both conversations. Do not be aggressive in asking questions because you might offend her feelings, that is why being sensitive and always give comments and replies to what she is telling you. Always have a pause when talking to someone because when you talk fast it might not be understood clearly and end up being unpleasant. Stimulating your conversation will make your date more exciting. That is why always remember to gain connection and trust so that your date would go smoothly.

In A Nutshell 

Now you are confidently ready to go on your first date. Always make sure that you are prepared well to prevent making mistakes. Nothing beats a man on a date when he is well informed and prepared than nothing. The final thing you must do on your date is always yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Go with your date and have fun.

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