6 Useful Tips for Parents: How to Sort Your Kids’ Toys Effectively

Children are adorable, no one will argue with that. However, having kids at home is very challenging. If you are a full-time mom, you are probably no stranger to the messy toys and clutter around the house. No matter how much cleaning you do, you can never stop kids from playing around the house unless they are already asleep. Keeping the kids’ toys and study materials organized all the time is one of the biggest challenges that every parent encounters daily.

Luckily, it is pretty easy to manage. In this article, we will give you some tips on how you can easily manage to organize your kids’ toys and study materials more effectively. These are basic yet helpful ways that will teach them to be orderly while making sure that you will have less work at home. It is basically like hitting two birds in one stone. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Use Creative Storage Ideas

Stashing your kids’ toys in plain cabinets and shelves may look too boring for the children. So, it is best to explore different types of kids toy storage ideas to make them look more engaging. There are various creative ways to store toys, such as using a toy hammock, a woven bin shaped like an animal, a fun-looking storage stool, and more.

By using these items, your kids will not think of it so much as a chore to keep their toys in storage. It will be like they are also playing with them. As much as possible, choose their favourite designs. In that way, it will be more enticing for them.

2. Introduce an Organization Pattern

As parents, you must initiate being organized. You can start by creating an organizational pattern in their bedroom and playroom. It is like programming their minds to be familiar with where everything goes and how it is arranged. In that way, it will be second nature to them to get and return things to the right place.

However, you have to be extra patient, especially with kids. They may not be able to adapt right away to your patterns. It may take months or even years before they will get used to all these things. But with proper communication and strategic approach, they will surely be more adaptive to it, probably more than you.

3. Group them According to Materials

The storage techniques that most homemakers do at home are also applicable to organizing your kids’ toys. First, you have to consider the materials. When storing toys, make sure to group them according to their materials and make. In that way, you can be sure that none of the toys will be damaged or ruined.

Most likely, your toy collection at home is made of a variety of materials especially if you have a mix of boys and girls. Now, you do not want to mix toy cars and trucks with stuffed toys as it can cause serious scratches to soft materials. When all the toys are placed in storage, they are usually cramped inside. So there is a high chance that everything is squished inside. So, it is smarter to keep all plastic-made materials in one container and the softer materials in another storage.

4. Do not Store their Favorite Toys in Hard-to-Access Spaces

Every child has their favourite toys. Those are the ones that they want to play with all day but do not bring with them in the bed when they go to sleep. The key is to identify these toys and put them in an easy-access storage container. You are doing this to avoid further clutter just in case they decided to look for that toy.

Think about this: once a child decides to play, he will immediately look for his favourite toy. If he cannot find it right away, he will surely rummage through all the toy containers and create a pile of clutter. You will end up with more things to clean up at the end of the day. So, it is smart to place their favourite toys on reachable shelves so that they will not need to make a mess to play with them.

5. Always Keep their Toys within their Reach

Another important factor that you need to remember is to keep the storage of their toys within their reach. As much as possible, use the floor area of the room if you have younger children. You can choose to use wall-hanging shelves once they become a little taller. Aside from the fact that it will be hard for them to start playing when it is stored too high, it may also cause accidents in the future. Remember: a playroom should be the safest room in the house for them to hang out.

6. Make Cleaning up Part of their Playtime

As early as they can understand you talk, it is best to teach your kids to clean up after. You can make it more fun by, as mentioned above, using creative kids’ toy storage ideas. After each playtime, it can become their habit to put things back in order the way you want to. In that way, you are not just saving yourself from hours of cleaning, but you are also teaching them the valuable lesson of self-discipline.

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