7 Benefits of GogoPDF To Optimize and Edit Your Files

Microsoft Word, also known as MS Word, is the most popular and utilized Microsoft Office Suite tool. It has been a permanent Microsoft Office application used in the workplace and at the academy. Since its advent in 1983, it has undergone modifications yet still maintains its usability to its clients. Perhaps, it surpassed its original features and purpose.

Uses of Microsoft Word

  1. Make and edit documents for job applications such as resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters, etc.   
  2. Create a table of contents and bibliography 
  3. Compose letters, bills, reports, and other similar documents
  4. Produce educational tools and materials 
  5. Make notes, answer schoolwork and submit online 

However, Microsoft Word is not always compatible with your device. Thus, unwanted changes may happen with your document. Or worst, you will not be able to open your file in MS Word.

The best solution for this is to convert Word to pdf. You can ensure accuracy and compatibility for free with a Gogo Pdf converter. 

Steps How To Convert Your Files 

Listed here are the step-by-step process on how to convert word doc to PDF using this online tool. 

  1.  Start by opening your browser and typing Gogo Pdf converter.
  2. Select the file from your computer. You can also export files from your dropbox or google drive.  
  3. The server will convert your file to PDF in seconds. 
  4. Within seconds, you may now download and save the converted file. You may do so with your computer, dropbox, or google drive. 
  5. Another option for you after the conversion is to share it on any of your social media accounts.

Follow the above guide and ensure accuracy and compatibility for free with a Gogo Pdf converter

Benefits of using the Gogo Pdf Tool 

1. Gives You the Convenience of Compatibility 

Number one on the list of benefits for using Gogo Pdf is the compatibility feature. For instance, several documents or forms entail a unique operating system or application to view documents. With this website, you do not have to worry about it, whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac. Your browser will not be a problem; it works with major browsers, namely Internet, Google Chrome, and Firefox. 

2. Provides with You Sharing Options

With the Gogo Pdf converter, you can easily save your documents. Moreover, sharing is as easy as one to three. It provides you with the option to share through email. Another good thing about it is you can write a personalized message. The website also provides you with a link, copy the link into your email or text message, then send. This online tool also allows you to share through social media platforms.

3. Guarantees Security, Privacy, and Cloud Storage 

Worry no more about data privacy; this tool is among the most secure online web sites. Gogo Pdf utilizes a highly sophisticated security system. Moreover, this online tool strictly adheres to the highest standards when it comes to privacy and security. You can assure that This website treats personal information with the utmost confidentiality. The Cloud provides automatic storage for editing done online. Lastly, the server will automatically delete all uploaded files from the server after an hour. Indeed, this online tool gives you a quick and safe conversion process. 

4. Features and E-Signature 

Gogo Pdf features an e-signature for signing your documents without printing them. At first, it can be challenging to sign using an e-signature. However, with constant use, you can familiarize yourself with this feature. Later on, you can use it with ease when signing virtually.  

5. Allows you to Add Watermark on PDF 

Another important feature that comes with this tool is adding a watermark on PDF. The watermark falls under the security tool for Gogo Pdf. Let see how this work: 

First, choose the file you need. Next, you may now type the text. You may also select an image as your watermark. Drag or position your watermark in your PDF. After choosing the position and personalized image or text, click the “Add Watermark” icon. 

6. Preserves the Quality of Your File 

During the conversion process, other online converters may produce some changes in the quality of the file. Gogo Pdf is the choice of many because it converts files without ruining their quality. 

7. Arranges your Pages more Manageable and Better 

Look how simple you can number your pages with Gogo Pdf.

  • Visit the Gogo Pdf home page through your browser.
  • You will see the “ Number Pages” option at the bottommost part of the website. 
  • Click “ “Select File” icon and choose from your file disk or google drive. 
  • Wait for the file to load and select the area you want your page name number to appear. 
  • You will be done in no time. You can now start downloading your PDF with page numbers. Lastly, do not forget to click “Save.” 

In Conclusion  

Undeniably, Microsoft Word is an indispensable application of Microsoft Office Suite. However, there are times that PDF files need conversion. Conversion is needed mainly for these two reasons: accuracy and compatibility issues of documents. Gogo Pdf is the best choice for transforming your file. It’s free and user-friendly. Moreover, the benefits that come with it will not only ensure accuracy and compatibility. These benefits answer even the most serious concerns of users regarding security and privacy.

The web provides you with a variety of options when it comes to online conversion tools. It is essential to choose a platform that meets your standards. Thus, answering your immediate concerns. Gogo Pdf will not fail you from transforming the file with accuracy, protecting your privacy, and keeping your other data as confidential as possible. 

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