7 Easy Storage Ideas For Your Toddler’s Toys

Many parents wonder what they should do with all of the toys of both their grown-up kids and current toddlers occupying space in the house. If you are like most parents, your answer is probably “not much.” There are many things that some parents cannot part with and toys can sometimes hold sentimental value. But that doesn’t mean the cutter it causes cannot be dealt with. 

Kids’ toys are one of the most important things in your child’s life. Your little one spends hours playing with them, so they must be durable and easy to find. Many parents find it difficult to sort and organize toys, but with a few simple tips, you can store all of your kid’s toys in an organized, safe fashion. 

How Does One Keep Their Children’s Toys Organized? 

Coming up with a system to preserve all your kid’s toys makes storage a lot easier and tidier and gives parents a clutter-free, neat storage space. Kids’ toys are notorious for getting damaged in transit from the garage to the shed and back again. 

The frequent trips to the garage mean that many toys are left out in the weather or on the floor, and when they do eventually find their way inside the house, they are often dirty, broken, or dusty. Luckily there are countless toy storage items in the market today that you never even knew existed! Here are some of them. 

1. Hammocks 

Hammocks are a great way to store play items for your toddlers, you can create a stuffed animal hammock solely for stuffed animals. You can purchase good quality hammocks from stores or you can create one yourself at home. It would come in handy for parents with more than one toddler at a time and stockpiles of stuffed animals lying around either in the living room or their playpen. 

2. Play Rooms 

The first step is to make sure that the toys are clean. Once you have your toys organized and cleaned, it is time to place them in the appropriate rooms. The best room to store your toys is in the playroom. It is a place where you will spend a great deal of time with your children. This is where you want their toys to be. 

If you have twins or multiple children that love to share, then you may want to consider placing them together. This will allow them to feel closer to each other. 

3. Play Pens

If your child does not like to share a room, then consider placing all of his or her toys in a playpen. A playpen is a simple structure that has enough room for your child to stand and play. It is also large enough to hold most toys. 

4. Storage Boxes

Another way that you can keep your toys organized is through the use of storage boxes. Different storage boxes are designed specifically for toys. These boxes can help you organize all of your children’s toys while keeping them safe and in their proper place.

All of the toys you purchase for your child to play with should be labeled according to their type. Labeling can be a tedious task but is an essential part of the process when organizing.

Many households use storage boxes to store holiday items such as decorations, holiday lights, and figurines. The best way to use this is to first empty the container, then arrange the toys in a way that allows them to be easily seen. You should also consider buying a lid to protect the toys from getting messy. 

5. Toy Chest and Boxes

One option that works well for storage is the toy chest. This is a great place to store all of your kids’ favorite toys, and it also takes up very little space. Another idea is to buy a toy box. These boxes are designed to store all of your children’s toys and either be placed on a shelf or hung from a hook. Toy boxes are also a good place to store seasonal items such as clothes or school supplies. They will be protected from damage and will also keep the items inside safe and clean. 

Most toy boxes are made out of cardboard or bubble wrap, to protect the toys stored inside. It is also important to label the outside of the box so that you do not accidentally put your child’s toys in a box meant for another purpose. You can use cardboard boxes, or store bags as well as plastic ones. If you are going with plastic storage space, be sure to also purchase a lid to protect the toys from any mishaps.

6. Game Organizers 

Another great way to keep your toys safe is to buy a game organizer. There are many different types of game organizers on the market, and they can fit into almost any room. Most have several drawers that are perfect for storing your toys. This makes it easy to find the right game for your child.

7. Small Drawers or Containers 

Kids can get very messy and hard to maintain, so it is important to keep them clean and tidy. Every toy storage chest should have compartments to store small things like pens, paperclips, rubber bands, and beads. Or you could purchase some small drawers to store these items. You can get smaller containers for storing small toys. 

In Conclusion 

Children, whether they like it or not, are creatures of habit. Therefore, the best way to keep their toys organized and away from harm is through a routine. Start by coming up with a system and teaching your child where each item should be kept when playtime is over. 

By starting at this point, you will make it easier to get organized, and you will be teaching your child how to be responsible from an early age. Once your toys are organized, make sure you pay attention to other parts of the house that need organization. This way your house would be arranged regularly. 

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