A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Diamond Ring Online

Buying a diamond is a big decision and must be made with proper thought given to it. Whether you are buying a diamond engagement ring or picking up a loose diamond to complete a set, there are certain things that you need to educate yourself about before you make that actual purchase. 

With so much information about diamonds, purchasing one may seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With our experience, knowledge, and understanding of what a diamond purchase means, we have put together this guide that you can easily rely on:

  • Set your budget: Earmarking a budget and not exceeding it is the most important part of buying a diamond. Diamonds are a symbol of your love and commitment and not how much you can spend. You can set your budget by doing a little research and finding out how much an average diamond piece cost. If that exceeds or is lower than your budget, you can do some adjustments by going up and down carat-wise. This will save you the frustration of changing your budget at the last minute. 
  • Know your style: Unless you are picking up loose diamonds for a set, you are likely to wear your diamond jewellery often. This is why it becomes important to match it with your sense of style and the attire that you wear more often. A round or rectangle-shaped diamond spells classic old-world elegance and goes well with evening dresses and the more casual jeans and T-shirt wear. Find out here now about the best styles. 
  • Pick out the shape: Other fancier shapes that cost more include pear, rectangle, square, heart, and more. Look at this website to see the latest in-season styles in this shape. This is because the shape is the first thing that gets noticed when you wear your diamond and decides the styling and the pricing. Every shape also has different clarity and colour considerations. It is not a good idea to juggle between different shapes and their corresponding criteria, as it will only leave you confused. 
  • Narrow your search with the 4Cs: The 4Cs i.e. cut. color, clarity, and carat are the most important characteristics of a diamond both visually and price-wise. They are the most important tools to help you make your decision. Start by keeping the highest quality diamond in shape and carat and start making concessions in the other criteria to make it fit your budget. Start by lowering the clarity and then the colour. Finally, lower the cut. If the diamond is now close to your budget range, start shaving off carat weight to get it within your price range. 
  • Selecting the right seller: Now that you have finally chosen the diamond that has all the attributes within your budget, purchase it from a seller who you can trust. Diamonds are expensive for a reason and if a jeweller is offering a low price, then it should be a red flag for you. Always choose a retailer who has an established reputation and certain years of experience. Look for jewellery association memberships or any awards that the jeweller has received. 
  • Certifications: Never purchase a diamond without a certificate of authenticity. Instead of a self-certified declaration, that has little value, always insist on a certificate by a credible lab like Indian Gemological Laboratory or the European Gemological Laboratory. 

Just follow these smart tips to ensure that the most important purchase of your life is authentic and not fraught with worry. 

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