Best Bodybuilding Meal Plan For Men

This article will explain the most effective and scientific way to plan a Bodybuilding weekly meal to build lean muscle mass and lose fat. My daily routine also includes some meal plans to supplement my workout addiction. Apart from meal plans, you can also try some best multivitamins for men, which will be helpful for you.

I’m Iraban, and I have been engrossed with bodybuilding workouts and foods since I was 15 to obtain maximal performance on the soccer field. I have captained teams at national and D-1 university levels and am known for my high strength, and stamina-I am the work-horse of the group. Whether you want to be a soccer player, an athlete, or have an aesthetic body, These meal plan ideas are the most effective way to build lean muscle mass at home.

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1. Can Bodybuilders Eat Anything? 

Not really.

Bodybuilders need to consider two things when they eat: firstly, they need to intake high amounts of protein foods. This is because the protein’s job is to help in muscle repair. Our muscles are strained when we work out, and small tears appear. These tears, once repaired, increase the muscle size, and protein foods hasten the repairing of these muscle fibers. Taking more protein than required is in no way harmful. 

Research has shown that the protein intake of 3.4g per kg of bodyweight, considered a very high amount, is not dangerous, even in the long run. So it would help if you were aiming to have as many protein foods as possible.

It will help if carbs fuel workouts and boost muscle growth, and fats help with hormones and health.

Secondly, you need to stay within your calorie requirements. All nutrients have some calories associated with them. It would help if you had enough calories, no more, no less. This is because your body limits how much muscle it can make in a month, about 2 to 4 lbs.

Thus, excess calories are only stored as fat, which is the least nutrient we want when trying to gain lean muscle mass. To know daily calorie intake, multiply body weight by 15 and add 200-400 calories. We also need to divide our entire calorie intake into four meals a day, which research has shown is the optimal way to intake the calories to boost muscle anabolism or muscle growth.

2. How to Properly Diet For Bodybuilding?

Thus, according to research, the number of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to include in your total calorie intake is as follows:

  1. Protein intake should be high at around 3.4 grams per kg of bodyweight.
  2. Fat should be 1/4th of total calorie intake.

The rest of the calories need to be consumed through carbohydrates.

3. Diet Plan For Bodybuilding For Indians

Many advice on meals on the internet is geared toward western, nonvegan diets. This can be frustrating for Indian bodybuilders, especially vegetarian ones. Thus, I have included vegan and easy to find in India meals. All measurements are based on the 2800 calorie intake(average male calorie intake). Feel free to change the sizes up if you see fit(staying inside your total calorie intake, of course)

a. Breakfast

An easy-to-make, pre-workout protein shake is probably best. Research shows that liquid calories provide a more incredible feeling of fullness than solid calories. Shake (pre-workout): 2 tbsp peanut butter,1 scoop whey protein(protein powder), 1 cup oats, 1.5 cups milk, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1 cup strawberries, and frozen banana. Or a solid alternative could be:

  1. 50-70gm plain oats(protein)
  2. 1 tbsp chia seeds(healthier,omega-3)
  3. banana
  4. Coffee.

These give you a considerable amount of protein and carbs, fuel your workout and increase performance.

Post-workout: carbs and protein foods, this time to help repair muscles quickly. Avoid fats because they slow the recovery/repair of muscles.

  1. Boiled potatoes of 250gm are best as they increase the glycogen and blood sugar.
  2. Whey protein(protein powder) of 10gm. Or banana
  3. egg whites
  4. Low-fat milk/low-fat curd.Lunch:
  5. Dal(large amount),
  6. salad consisting beetroot
  7. White rice 150 gm.
  8. Dahi 250 gm for additional protein
  9. 1 tbsp ghee as it prevents inflammation and absorbs nutrients from food OR brown rice/chapati
  10. Choley or rajma
  11.  greek yoghurt
  12. Salad

b. Snacks

  1. Boiled chickpea
  2. sprouted mung Peas OR Apples or some fruit.

This meal gives your body a dose of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, keeping the overall health of your body intact.

c. Dinner

  1. 60 gm of soy chunks for protein intake.
  2. Only 1 tbsp oil per 60 gm soya chunk.
  3. 2 Chapati
  4. Salad.

d. After Dinner Snack

Paneer-100 gm, as it is an excellent source of protein for vegans

And this concludes the cheap bodybuilding meal plan that Indians can have. Note that non-vegetarian bodybuilders can replace the suggested protein food sources with the corresponding quantity of chicken, fish, or red meat.

Did this 7-day meal plan for muscle gain help you reach your fitness goals? Do you know any bodybuilding tips that I did not mention? If so, leave your suggestions in the comment section so that your fellow bodybuilding athletes can benefit from the knowledge!

Thank you for your time!

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