Top 5 Best PC Builder Tools In The Market

Making a custom PC is a dream for everyone, but when it comes to building one, it becomes a nightmare for many of us in selecting the perfect component for our PC.

So in this article, I am sharing 5 tools that will help you to select the compatible PC parts for your build and help you to make a perfect PC for you.

Top 5 PC Builders

So the wait is over!

Here is the list of top 5 best PC Builders which you can use to build your custom PC and check the compatibility of PC parts on the go.

Build My PC

Build My PC is one of the best tools available in the market right now, to help its users with building their PC. BuildMyPC is one of the highly trusted websites in the market with a huge amount of user support.

As of right now, it has helped more than 2,00,000 users building their own PC. Build My PC has more than 2,000 latest components available in their database which are checked for compatibility with each other.

The only thing Build My PC lacks is its own forum support which can be helpful for its users to can interact with each other and helps one another in making their build better, other than that, there is no issue I can think of on their website.

PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker is one of the oldest websites present in the market which helps in the pc building of its users. Being the oldest they got a huge database of components with the highest amount of user support.

Being the oldest, it has updated its system to provide its users with everything they can think of, but as it said that being too much is also harmful. Many of the users didn’t able to use the website properly at first due to vast features, but once learned, it’s one of the best pick to use for building your own PC online.

PC Builder

PC Builder is a website that provides the compatibility of the computer components and it helps you to build your PC effectively without messing up with any compatibility of the core components.

PC Builder arrives in 2020 in the market and within such a small duration of time it has gained a lot of popularity and many of the users are using it to build their own PC online.

It has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique features and best compatibility checking mechanisms. It has more than 10,000 compatible components available in its database which you can use to build your own PC.

NewEgg PC Builder

For some people who don’t know about NewEgg, it is one of the biggest e-commerce which offers the best prices on computer products, laptop computers, electronics, etc.

NewEgg also provides the tool to build a pc, but it can be said that it’s not as flexible to use and it only offers, limited components available in their e-commerce to choose from, for the rest of the components you need to use some other tool.

If you are looking for a pc builder that can provide you a simple build solution by not taking you into any complexities, then you can use this tool, but you won’t be getting much as an option.


NZXT BLD is a pc building tool that helps you to build your PC, as per your gaming requirement. This tool is mostly focused on gaming PC, and you can select the games which you need to be compatible with your PC build.

It will show you the fps you will get on the build you selected. It is highly limited to the components build by NZXT, with the least amount of third party components to select from.

Builds provided by NZXT are good for gaming and gaining high fps in your games but again, if you are looking for a high customization option in your build, then this NZXT BLD is not the best choice for you.


PC Building is a need for many of the people out there, it’s an easy task but it’s always the best option to rely on some good tool together with your own instinct if you want to make your build better.

All the tools provided in this post are known for their best and are suggested by many of the users who use them and are happy with the build they made.

If you are also looking for a tool to make you first PC, then we would recommend you to use PC Builder, Build My PC, or PC Part Picker as your companion, you can also check for your build compatibility on more than one tool to be assured if you are new to this building process.

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