Best PDF Converters That Are Free and Safe To Download

In day-to-day life nowadays, work opportunities have become online and more productive than ever. It is only safe to say that not only adults but also students are interested in using PDFs. PDF conversion apps have faced a drastic rise in their usage throughout the past years, whether for a school project or a business reason. Handling and showcasing information for every kind of purpose has been made easy by the usage of PDF hence, making people depend more on having their data saved in PDF format. The easy access and breakdown of data into a simple design that anyone can access make PDF an excellent format for data saving and presentation. This post will help you know more useful information on this topic.

Finding a software or app that converts your documents for a PDF for easy usage is a simple process. However, a PDF converter is efficient in its friendly interface, easy accessibility, and unique features. They should provide you with the best results and make it user-friendly since most people who want to use such a feature want the experience to be smooth and quick. Some of the basic facilities provided that creates a PDF converter excellent are the feature of converting various output formats such as MS Office file formats, image, HTML, EPUB, and so on, OCR feature which helps you scan the idea and make it editable, high speed and conversion of multiple documents at once, quality, compatibility, etc.

Some of the free and safe PDF converters that are available on the internet to meet the needs of the users are:

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

 This is the ultimate PDF converter that can meet all your needs. PDFelement is a desktop solution for those that find it hard to convert, edit and format PDFs on the same platform. It lets you create your document while providing features such as annotating, transforming, and editing. Accessible through both Windows and Mac, Adobe makes your task twice easier with its excellent features.

2. Nuance Power PDF Converter

 Nuance Power is free software allowing you to password encrypt your PDF, protecting it from unwanted authorizations. It also allows you to resize the PDF without tampering with the quality of the document. It provides you with a clean and concise format which makes the user experience good as ever.

3. Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit is an offline software that lets you convert documents into PDF and vice-versa. The OCR feature provided by this software helps convert images into PDF without trouble. Foxit is straightforward, allowing you to save your tie through the conversion and making the experience as easy as possible.

4. Small PDF

Small PDF is free software that provides various services, including compression of PDF, etc. It converts the document to good quality and therefore creates the best results to be used by the person. It also allows you to merge, edit, and rotate the PDF, which helps create a PDF. 

5. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a professional PDF editor that allows you to convert, edit, merge, split, and sign a PDF. Nitro automatically fixes layout errors making the job easier for the user. The user experience is delighted with the services provided by this Windows software.

6. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an offline PDF tool that lets you create, edit, merge, and convert high-quality documents. It lets you convert PDF into HTML with a built-in OCR feature that provides smooth and easy conversion of pictures to PDF. Its fast conversion, high-quality material, and easy access make it user-friendly and one of the most used tools for PDF conversion.

6. TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper is an all-in-one PDF converter that supports a variety of formats from TIFF to ODT. The built-in OCR feature is beneficial and supports 46 different languages. Easy to use and accessible, this software is recommended for PDF conversion for its user-friendly features and high-quality outcomes.


With hundreds of new softwares providing PDF conversion out on the internet, finding one that is free and safe and suits your needs, and provides the best and satisfactory outcome is gradually found challenging. A perfect PDF converter that provides all the essential tools and needs at the latest technology is the one you need the most. With the rapid rise in digital appliances and online working conditions, PDFs are ready to use and available to be easily accessed by anyone wishing to showcase information in the simplest way possible. The seven softwares mentioned above provide a smooth interface and offer the highest-quality outputs, making your work efficient and satisfactory.


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