The 11 Best Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses In 2022

Nowadays, anyone can easily share knowledge easily and quickly with Online Courses. However, if you want to build a community and use this to earn an income, it is crucial for you to grow your business. This requires a detailed set-up to aid you to design the course page, building a curriculum, taking my online exams, and promoting your course.

If you want to ask people to take my online exams and course, here’s how you do it:

This is where having an online course platform comes into play. They have already made platforms that make it easy, profitable, and quick to build an online course as these platforms streamline the entire process for you. This way you can focus on taking the online class and pay attention to students.

In this post, we discuss the 11 best platforms to create and sell courses. You can easily ask others to take the online class with these platforms in no time!

1. Udemy

Udemy has one of the best interfaces for you to take an online class. While many places made online learning accessible, Udemy took it a notch by making teaching online possible as well.

To design a paid course on Udemy, you will first have to sign up as a premium instructor. Once your form gets approved, you will have to follow various steps which will help you create your first course.

While you plan the content for your course, bear in mind that you need at least five lectures and 30 minutes of videos.

You are also encouraged to add exercises, quizzes and various discussion prompts.

This is it! You can leave the rest on Udemy to do its job.

2. Skillshare

This is the best interface to join if you want to teach creative skills.

For instance, if you are a designer, photographer, blogger, writer, or entrepreneur looking to teach others your craft, Skillshare is the best place for it. You will find various courses on every kind of topic there whether they are popular or niche. From marketing to doodling, Skillshare has it all!

3. Teachable

To build an online school with advanced marketing, the interface for Teachable is the best place to join.

Teachable aids savvy course creators not only grow but also nurture an online audience. The platform provides various options for you to customise the feel and look of your course.

You should design a website that reflects your brand and create sales pages so that you can market to people to take my online exams and courses. Teachable course builder is quite accessible and accepts files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

4. Podia

If you want to sell digital products and memberships, you should opt for Podia.

Podia lets its users build an entire store for their digital content. Now you can create online courses, and design membership sites, all for your digital storefront.

You can publish it immediately or do a pre-launch once you have designed the online course. If you want additional resources such as cheat sheets, videos, audios, checklists you can also sell them as digital downloads.

5. Thinkific

The interface for Thinkific is ideal for building an online course from scratch.

Building a course from nothing can be daunting. However, Thinkific helps in making this entire process a lot smoother and simpler for you as it is ready-to-use templates.

According to our test, Thinkific’s website interface is one of the easiest to use. You can also pick the pages you want to include, pick a theme, add a copy and you are done!

6. Kajabi

If you want to design a marketing course for autopilot, the interface for Kajabi is ideal!

Kajabi offers marketing superpowers to creators who have a busy schedules. It comes with marketing blueprints, known as Pipelines, that helps the creator build the entire marketing funnel, from its landing page to emails and course checkout by pressing a few buttons.

This way you can focus to take the online class and pay attention to the content of the course only.

7. LearnWorlds

The interface for LearnWorlds is perfect for creating an online school.

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own school? If you said yes, you are in luck! LearnWorlds offers you to set up an online school with numerous teachers and course catalogues.

This way you can easily add instructors and select whatever courses you would like to teach/ As an admin you can offer as many courses as you want, and change prices for all of them if you want.

8. Mighty Networks

The interface for Mighty Networks is great for building a paid community.

Mighty Networks assist you in building an active paid community for your online courses. The app helps in focusing on community building, which includes paid events, groups, and online courses.

Users can sell courses individually, community membership, and a bundle of the two. Memberships can have one-time payments or monthly, everything depends on how you would like your community to be.

9. Pathwright

If you are searching for a platform to build action-oriented courses, you should look into Pathwright.

Begin by designing the outline of your course curriculum, then add actions for students to finish. When you do so, Pathwright allows you to pick the action students are required to perform from the menus— read, attend, listen, watch, attend, or take. Through this, you can create a clear path that can guide learners through the content of the course.

10. Xperiencify

The interface for Experience is best for gamifying your online courses.

Online courses are known for low completion rates. Many learners end up abandoning the entire course before completing it. This is where Xperiencify comes to save the day! The app boasts the completion rate by letting instructors gamify courses and making them a more engaging experience.

In addition to this, instructors can create their own celebration milestones in every course. It also comes with a beta feature that lets you automate the entire course experience with SMS, and so much more!

11. Simplero

The interface for Simplero is ideal for managing your business. If you are searching for a customizable course builder, get your hands on Simplero.

Designing and outlining the course syllabus is super easy and fast. All you have to do is select the create button, and then follow a series of instructions and soon you will be adding learning content for your course.


Now creating and selling online courses is extremely easy. You can use the mentioned platforms to make this entire journey smoother and more successful for yourself.

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