9 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Level Up Your Social Strategy

Any new business just starting with its first digital footprint is habituated to encounter

people telling them to join Facebook. Since Facebook is almost a digital continent with billions using the platform day and night for everything starting from political campaign to e-commerce shopping to connecting people to pastimes, no business can do without a Facebook page of its own.

Naturally, for a WordPress website, having Facebook share options for content marketing is a must. Any WordPress development company will recommend using these plugins to see your website gain social engagement.

Here we provide some of the most notable Facebook plugins for the WordPress websites.

Shared Counts

Shared Counts is a robust social media plugin for WordPress that allows WordPress websites to incorporate all social media share buttons from different platforms including Facebook. If you want to add social media sharing buttons to the posts and blogs of your WordPress website without much difficulties, go for this plugin.

The plugin is particularly popular because of its exceptional speed and smooth performance. The button can precisely showcase the share-count of posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and all other major platforms. To make things more lucrative, they also offer a variety of button types with a different look and feel for flexible social sharing options.

Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed is another great social sharing plugin that allows users to incorporate Facebook posts to your own WordPress website with ease. The plugin is highly responsive, fully search engine optimized, and thoroughly customizable. The plugin allows you to incorporate a variety of feeds from a multitude of Facebook pages and use them throughout your website as per preference.

If you are too active on Facebook and happen to be very popular with your posts, you can display the most relevant posts from your timeline on your website. You can also incorporate the Facebook posts on a separate page or just can use them in the sidebar of your blog. To make things even more interesting, you can tweak the appearance of the posts as per your choice.

Pixel Cat – Facebook Pixel

Pixel Cat Facebook Pixel plugin is for retargeting your website visitors on the Facebook platform. This awesome plugin helps you to target the one-time visitors of your website with custom ads that can be more appealing to them. The WordPress plugin development company behind this plugin provides marketers with a lot of armour to retarget all those visitors who once visited the site and never came back.

It is understood that Facebook Pixel is highly effective for retargeting customers and visitors and this plugin allows you to utilize the full scope of Facebook Pixel. If your WordPress website is using Woocommerce for e-commerce sales, this plugin will also ensure easily targeting your online customers on Facebook.

Nextend Social Login

These days, you no longer can test the patience of the new visitors with a lengthy registration process and annoying login that needs remembering login credentials. This is why social media login became so popular across the websites. All you need is to click on your favorite social media option for using the login credentials of that platform for a third-party website login. This makes the login and registration process simple and consequently less number of visitors actually leave the website. Nextend Social Login and Register is the right plugin for this purpose.

The plugin allows visitors to login and register by simply clicking on the “Login With Facebook” or “Register with Facebook” button and stay logged in with the account. Apart from Facebook, the same plugin also offers buttons of social login and register for other major social platforms including Google and Twitter. You can choose your required or preferred social login button.

The plugin comes with both a free and paid version. But the free version is great and quite sufficient for small businesses. The free version comes with pretty much everything that a small business website needs including edit-friendly buttons, login widgets, shortcodes, and Facebook profile pictures. The Pro version is only needed if you want to use the plugin in several domains. For as many as 10 domain licenses the pro version of the plugin charges $50 to $200 depending on the number of domains.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews plugin is another great social media plugin that allows the WordPress website owners to incorporate and display Facebook page reviews on their website. The plugin makes things simple and exceptionally easy through a widget helping to connect a website to the Facebook page for displaying user reviews of the Facebook pages.

If you want to utilize social proof to favorably for the purpose of your digital marketing, this plugin is very effective for the purpose. Although the free version is quite efficient, to create rich snippets with the comment or images you need to use the pro version.

WP2Social Auto Publish

Social media sharing is really time-consuming and hence there are tools to help websites automatically publish their contents on social platforms. WP2Social Auto Publish falls in this category. The plugin helps you schedule and share your website posts automatically on social media platforms. Thanks to this plugin while sharing your published website content you can also use custom format and various content display options. You can tweak the title if the original post and add new descriptions while sharing on Facebook.

Most importantly, the plugin also allows you to use filtering to choose posts that you want to share on social media platforms and skip certain posts. You can choose different filters on the basis of popularity, category, share counts, recent posts, and others.

Yoast SEO

You must be amazed seeing Yoast SEO on this list since this plugin is widely regarded to be an SEO plugin. But it can really help you with custom options to share your website posts on social media platforms like Facebook. The plugin gives so much attention to social sharing simply because it is focused on driving SEO rank and traffic by generating social media traffic.

Even if you just use the Yoast SEO free version for your WordPress website, it works no less than the paid ones. The free version is equally effective in driving organic traffic and boosting social media traction to your content by optimizing the social media posts containing website links. The plugin further boosts organic search engine ranking efforts by helping users to target some keywords and by ensuring optimum readability of the content.

Do you want more value and additional Facebook sharing features from this plugin? In that case, you can just opt for the premium version priced between $89 for one domain to $750 for 10 domains. The premium version offers a whole array of sophisticated features such as social previews of the posts.


All the social media and Facebook plugins that we mentioned have been time-tested for their efficiency and performance. When it comes to social sharing of your website content, you need to be very choosy about tools and hence there is so much pondering over this.

Author Bio: Yakshit Bose is the Senior Developer at leading Custom WordPress Development Services Company CMARIX Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. He is an experienced, WordPress developer. He likes to share his thoughts on Web development, CMS development, and Technology News.

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