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When you plan to buy a house, you should always look into the condition of the property. It will help you in avoiding the problems which you might face in the future. Hence saving your hard-earned money. The best way to get the property checked before purchasing it is through a building inspection. Many people sell their property to get rid of the problems in their existing home and buy a new one. Always make sure that you get the property inspected. It is always advisable to hire a building inspector. Make sure you get the right professional to do the job. There are many factors you need to consider before getting a Building inspector.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Report

As the name suggests this inspection report can be done before the building has been purchased at the site. People also refer to this report as the Standard Property report. This report gives you a correct detail of the condition of the property. It allows you to know the defects in the property such as cracked walls, safety hazards, and dampness in the wall. To be precise this report gives you a report on the visual damage in the property. This report should be taken before the exchange of sale is done. So that you can bargain on the property rate as it would have an extra repairing cost. It is also suggested that you take a pest inspection report as well as the pre-purchase report does not give you any details if there is any existence of termites.

Pros of Pre-Inspection Report

Many of you may ask a question as to why you should get a building inspected before purchasing the property. Here are some of the advantages –

  1. You would know about the damages in the property.
  2. You can list the damage and bargain for a lower price as you may have to repair the property in future.
  3. You can consult an advisor who can guide you about the problems you may face if you buy the property.

Building Inspector

When you are thinking to hire a building inspector to inspect a property you need to do some research. You would not like to trust a person you know nothing about. Always make sure you ask yourself these questions before hiring a building inspector.

  1. Registration of the Inspector: Always check if the professional whom you are hiring is licensed. Generally, people who inspect the houses are builders. So, you could ask them if they are a licensed builder.
  2. Insurance: The professional inspecting your building should be capable of providing both public and professional insurance. So, if your building inspector makes a mistake on judging the property damage you would be covered with the insurance. Indemnity is not required in the house which has been newly built, as the builder’s indemnity covers you for another 6 years.
  3. Work Reputation: Check if they have been working in this field for a long time. So that they have their work experience to suggest their work quality.
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