Effective Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Businesses

You must have heard about Pinterest, right? An amazing photo-sharing app with over 478 million monthly users. Which makes it another great platform with opportunities to enhance brand recognition. So how about using this amazing platform to attain more customers. Want to know how? Read this article until the end to know some amazing Pinterest marketing tips that might help you extract maximum benefits from the platform.

As a business, one should always consider expanding its network through different platforms. And Pinterest is one such platform that helps you in gathering more audience for your business. All you need to do is follow some easy tricks.

Simple Yet Compelling Pinterest Marketing Tips

1. Add Keyword To Your Pin Title 

There are over 200 billion pins saved on Pinterest every day, which means there is such   huge competition in the platform. 

Do pins help in enhancing the reach?” – The answer is Yes. 

Whenever you post relevant pins for users, Pinterest will start displaying your content on users’ feeds more often, thus allowing you to reach more people. 

As mentioned above, there is a huge competition on the platform. Hence, to increase visibility, you need to have a smart strategy, and the basic is to have an attractive title consisting of keywords. Because keep this in mind; people often use this platform for their image search, in simple words, this platform can also act as a search engine of images. Hence, you need to put up keywords on your title to reach your target audience. 

2. Take Stunning Pictures Of Your Product 

According to some research, 72% of pinners have agreed that Pinterest has introduced them to a brand or product. This means it is one of the perfect platforms for brand and product promotion. 

So while you are at it, make sure that you upload striking images of your products. People love to browse the platform to find new products and brands and grab their attention. So you need to have stunning images because beautiful product photos help catch audience attention and drive great traffic to your Pinterest page.

3. Add An Identification to Your Pins

As you are now ready to showcase your products through pins, make sure that you provide some identification so that people can relate it to your brand. It can be anything, font, colour, or logo, you can use either to so that people can quickly recognize your brand whenever they any pin related to your brand on the platform.

You can prefer posting the pictures with your brand logo, as the logo often stands out as the brand’s identification and people can identify your brand with the logo. Moreover, if users reuse your pin on their accounts, the logo will help people recognize your brand.

4. Share Your Brand Story

People highly relate to image-based content for a simple reason, images are vibrant and stay fresh in the viewers’ minds. And as per the old saying, “pictures speak louder than words.” It might sound cliche, but it is true.

So make sure that you completely utilize the visual-based content and provide engaging content. For example, sharing a brand’s story is a smart way to gather attention, as people show interest when a brand shares its story.

5. Schedule Your Pins

You can apply this tip to any social media platform.

The main purpose of posting on social media is to gather attention and who doesn’t like it when people view their content and provide feedback by either commenting, saving or any possible method. Therefore, it becomes important that your content reaches the people, especially to the target audience. So schedule your pins accordingly, and try to remain active on the platform.

6. Embed Pinterest Posts On Your Website

One cannot ignore the impact of cross-platform marketing, as it opens doors to increase reach. 

Staying on the platform and keeping the content to the platform itself limits its reach as it only reaches the audience on the platform.

Hence, it is important to market your social media accounts and content through various other platforms and of the smartest and easiest way is to embed pinterest board on website.

How does it help? – People who don’t have a Pinterest account or are unaware about your Pinterest existence will also be able to view your content while visiting your website. At the same time, if a visitor has a Pinterest account and is still unaware of your existence there, this feed will give them a sneak into it, and if he likes your content, he has the option to follow you there.

Moreover, it enhances your website’s beauty as well. Because images/visual-based content consists of vibrancy and liveliness, you can transfer this vibe to your website by embedding them.

Various social media aggregator tools are readily available in the market that ease your embedding process and provide various other features that make this strategy effective. 

Summing It Up

Around 28% of all marketers over the globe use Pinterest for their marketing, which makes it one of the influential social media platforms. Hence, using it for marketing is a smart decision but still needs strategies to stay relevant on the platforms. The tips mentioned above are some simple yet effective strategies that can help your Pinterest account gather more attention and eventually help your business to get more reach.

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