GogoPDF: Free Online Converter for Different Documents

Converting your files is easy. Finding the right tool to do it for you is the challenge. GogoPDF is your instant fix for that scenario. With its user-friendly platform, you will have no trouble navigating and familiarizing yourself with the online tool. In addition, GogoPDF offers security and efficiency for processing your files. Your files maintain the quality and contents it has before and after undergoing the several processes found in the online tool. With GogoPDF, you can change Word doc to PDF using only a few easy-to-follow steps.

How To Convert To PDF

The conversion process for your selected file is fast and reliable. After uploading or dropping your file into the online tool, GogoPDF takes care of the rest. After a few minutes, your newly converted file is ready for you to download and even share by sending via email.

By converting your Word Doc to PDF, you will read your files more easily. Additionally, you can effortlessly share it with the necessary people who will access it.

Workable On Many Platforms

GogoPDF is not only convenient, but it is also free. You can freely access this online tool when you have a stable connection to the internet and any mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, and laptop. Additionally, it can work on any form of the operating system. GogoPDF is also accessible to various web browsers.

File Safety

GogoPDF can provide you with the assurance that your files are safe. As part of their policy, GogoPDF does not keep your files. After approximately sixty minutes, your files disappear from the tool’s system and all traces of it.

Customer Service

Since it is an online tool, GogoPDF values its customers and provides a way for you to contact them for any help or concern you would have or needed support. They have individuals assigned to help you address the problems or questions you have regarding the online tool. Furthermore, they are also welcoming feedback to enhance their services further.

Pro Account

GogoPDF is free. It is available for you with a free version. However, the online tool also offers a Pro account which would give you access to more features. In addition, your experience in using GogoPDF would fare best when you go for a Pro account.

One of the many benefits of the Pro account is the removal of restrictions when it comes to processing files. You could take advantage of using its several tools and upload as many files as necessary. An excellent example of this can compress a set of files simultaneously. Thus, this is especially helpful when you are trying to race time for a deadline or something else.

Additionally, Pro account users can enjoy a pop-ad-free experience. This way, you will not see any advertisements out of the blue while using the application.

Other Things You Can Accomplish With GogoPDF

GogoPDF is one of the best online converters you will find. However, it does not limit your options to a converter alone. With GogoPDF, you can also do the following:

Merge and Split

When you want to rearrange your files or simply combine several files, these two options are available for you in GogoPDF. With these few simple steps, you can achieve these processes and have your newly processed files efficiently.

View and Edit

GogoPDF is not only for editing but also for viewing as well. While in this mode, you can add edits to your files. You can zoom, rotate, renumber and even change the font size and colour of the texts.


One fantastic thing about PDF files is the availability of them being in smaller file sizes through compression. This way, you have an instant fix whenever you encounter a dilemma of needing to upload a file and not meeting the specified file size for it.


This option is available for your corrupted files or your files that you suddenly cannot open because of some technical issues. When you encounter this problem, you no longer have to fret; GogoPDF is here to help. But do take note that some files would be beyond help. Hence there will be a partial and complete recovery process.

Add Page Numbers

This feature is beneficial, especially when you have files containing several pages. By adding page numbers, you would save yourself the hassle of figuring out how to find a piece of particular information inside the file. Just like a book, it would be easier if there are numbers to indicate and serve as marks for a specific page containing essential pieces of information.

Add Watermarks

With GogoPDF, you can add watermarks with ease. Additionally, it would not take more than a few minutes for you to accomplish such a task. Hence, if you wish to add watermarks to your documents, GogoPDF is ideal for you to use.


There are specific files that have password protection. Thus, this was a way for the original owner to keep the data inside the file secure. Also, it helps keep it away from people who would use the information contained for their use. Thus, with GogoPDF, you have the option to remove such locks granted that you have the authority to do so. Do take note to secure the proper permission first if you are not the original owner of the file.

Final Thoughts

GogoPDF saves you so much time. Instead of dealing with the hassle of converting your files such as Word to PDF files or vice versa, GogoPDF offers its services to you for free. Not only is it efficient, but you can also save yourself from the stress and also provide you with a tool that can address your other needs as well. This way, by being able to access GogoPDF, you have a versatile online converting tool available to you anywhere and at any time.

Hence, if you do not wish to spend any penny trying to deal with document editing and converting and such, GogoPDF can be your go-to friend. With an excellent connection to the internet and a functional device, GogoPDF is within your grasp.

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