Here’s How You Can Get Ahead of Everyone In Your Pranking Game

We probably think about sophisticated paintings hung in prestigious museum walls and galleries when we think about art. We think about tastefully choreographed dances, well-written songs, or films with profoundly hidden symbolisms. Well, these are all true – because all art forms are crafted from any level of creativity of its creator. It’s pretty complicated to put art into one definition. Still, one thing that anyone can agree with is it is a work or activity where creativity is its main driving force. If this is the truth about all forms of art – then practical jokes are forms of art!

Some people think of pranks as something that doesn’t require much intelligence or taste, when in fact – it does! To do an effective prank, you must be intuitive and sensitive enough to strike at the best timing or occasion, and you must masterfully craft an antic while thinking steps ahead of your supposed victim. It’s like being a magician or an illusionist, or it’s like how criminal masterminds intelligently think of their next move. The big brain moves also exist in crafting and performing pranks – only a world less dark and macabre. 

But then again, the appeal to pranks as an art form is not as sophisticated as the other celebrated art forms. And that’s the fun in it! You can make something so clever without also taking yourself seriously. You can make something creative while making yourself and other people laugh. Well, they say that art is supposed to make you feel something – and what better feeling can you give anyone than the feeling of joy drizzled with laughter? 

Like other forms of art like in music or movies, sometimes some things can get too repetitive. Say, when you’ve seen too many Romeo and Juliet plot formulas but with different casting. Or you’ve probably listened to the same sound from the same artist over and over again. It loses its magic and allure. It becomes uninteresting. Same with pranks. Keep doing the same thing repeatedly and people will no longer find it funny because it is already awfully predictable.

The key to mastering the art of pranking is to keep seeking innovation. Don’t serve what’s already been served before because it just loses its humor. The challenge is to become a better prankster by thinking ahead. And thank heavens for the 21st-century technology; your pranking dreams could be endless! Keep reading to know more about getting ahead of your pranking game with the help of tech!

Tips To Make A Genius Prank

We’ve all seen practical jokes before, and by observing – we think that it’s so easy to do that we don’t need any tips to do it. Well, that may be true if you are a naturally-born prank prodigy that’s clever enough to come up with original jokes that always land. But unfortunately, not everyone knows the art of funny. But the good news is – we can help! These are the 3 tips that can make an ordinary prank idea epic and memorable. When done correctly, your prank can even be considered a work of genius!

1. Know Your Victim

Some people will find air horns funny, while others will just find it annoying and obnoxious. The goal in pranking is to make yourself laugh and make your victim (and the witnesses of the prank) laugh. The key is to know your victim and your audience. Find the suitable stunt for the right crowd to make it work. Because no matter how well thought out your prank is, if you perform it on a victim who won’t appreciate it, it might still end up flopping.

2. Timing is Everything

Ever heard about comedic timing? Yes, you will need that kind of intuition when you are telling a funny catchphrase and when you are about to make a practical joke. It’s basically just learning how to read the room and knowing when to perform your pranks best. It involves reading people’s moods or knowing the best timing to pull the trick together.

3. The most Harmless ones are Potentially the Funniest

Here’s an important note: “pranks” that are meant to humiliate, malign, or hurt others is just plain bullying! You shouldn’t make it a goal to laugh AT someone, rather laugh WITH them! If you mean no harm in your pranks, your victim will pick up on that, and you will just share a fun memory together instead of a bad and humiliating one. Yes, many pranks don’t require you to be mean – and they are the best ones you can ever pull!

4. Don’t Try too Hard!

Relax; pranks are meant to give you a good time and not a stressful one. Pranks can be spontaneous and still be fun enough to tell a good story at dinner parties ten years from when you do it. So really, don’t sweat it!

5. Be Perceptive and Learn about recent Developments to get ahead.

Times are ever-changing. What seemed to be funny in the 1960s may not be funny now. Some people find notes on someone’s back amusing before, but now, it’s already an overdone cliche. People used to make prank calls using wired telephones, but that wouldn’t work now because they’re easily traceable. The key to a good prank is the element of surprise. And you must surprise your victim through a method that’s never been done before!

Prank Apps are The Best Way To Get Ahead

Funny pranks are pranks that are fresh, new, and aware of recent technologies. In the age of smart technology, apps are the best way to go. There are already prank apps there that are currently used by pranksters who think ahead. Why wouldn’t they? Everyone is on their devices nowadays, and no one is really doing corny and overdone pranks anymore! So if you want to get ahead of your pranking game, you may start exploring by trying these apps out.

Speaking of apps that help you get ahead, try these 6 Fun Apps That Inspire Creativity

5 Best Prank Apps To Try Now

Now that you know that the best pranks are the pranks that speak of their time, you probably need a good starting point. In the age of smartphones, apps are all about the hype because everyone is on their smartphones nowadays. So, we listed down 5 amazing prank apps that could help you get started. 

1. Ownage Pranks

Did you think prank calls are already gone now that most of us don’t use wired telephones anymore? Well, you’re wrong! Sure, we shouldn’t make prank calls on telephones anymore because 1. They’re now easily traceable and; 2. It’s not that easy to disguise a voice without your friends or family recognizing you. But don’t worry, the fun in prank calling is still here to stay for a long time! You can use Ownage Pranks’ automatic prank call app or spoof call app to make anonymous fun calls! This intuitive and intelligent prank call app gives you more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can send to anyone you like. While the spoof call app collects your personal information (like your mobile number, name, etc.)  and hides it all under an unknown caller ID. This way, you won’t need a burner phone to call your friends!

2. Dude, Your Car

Since everyone is into cool cars and tech-advanced things now, why not use this opportunity to mess with anyone? If you have a friend who loves their vehicle more than anything, wait for the right time you’re going to hang out with them and wait for them to be away from it. This app functions as a genius editing tool exclusively for car dents, scratches, and even fake collisions. While your friend is away, use this app to take a photo of their beloved automobile and creatively edit their pictures to a disaster. After this, immediately rush to them and show them this realistic-looking battered photo of their car and watch them run hurriedly towards their beloved car only to find out that it’s still in tip-top shape!

3. Scare Your Friends

Those who have stayed long enough on the internet probably remember those online computer games where you will spot the difference between two photos. Once you’re focused enough – a horrifying picture of a dead doll will startle you with shrieking sounds and all! It’s kind of popular back in the late 2000s. It was so popular that people will immediately get suspicious if a friend lets them play a seemingly straightforward game that needs focus. Scare Your Friends work the same way, except it’s an app and more advanced now. When your friends borrow your phone for something, say, for playing a game. You can choose a scary photo beforehand and set the timer for when it will appear on your screen. Of course, there’s no way of them knowing this, which makes it such a sneaky prank to play with!

4. Fake Money Scanner

Everything is so advanced nowadays that it is tricky to catch up on the subsequent extensive development already. App-controlled alcohol vending machines? Human wings? Fake money scanner? Who knows what’s impossible!? So take advantage of this crazy moment in human history and fool your friends into making them believe that you own a fake money scanner! Simply bring this up at parties and let them ask you to “scan” their bills only to watch their faces when they know that their bills aren’t minted by the government. 

5. Who’s Calling Fake Caller Prank Phone Call

If you are an introvert whose social battery just dries up quickly but can’t think of a valid excuse to leave parties, then you must try this app. You can schedule a fake call that will show a believable caller ID on your phone! The best part about it is that you can customize who will call you and even put pictures if you like. So if you want to impress your friends, you can make them think Madonna is ringing you up or Barack Obama is dying to hear your voice over the phone!

By now, there is no denying that pranking is indeed an underrated art form. It’s just not as sophisticated as others. But hey, if you enjoy the process, then why not keep doing it? No one’s stopping you, especially with the help of the apps mentioned. There are still lots that you can explore in the market. You just need to start by trying at least one of the five. Our personal favorite is Ownage Pranks’ Prank Call App because it’s fresh, new, and undoubtedly funny! Now that you know how to properly prank people make sure to savor every moment of it!

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