Homemade CNC Router – Complete Guide

Before building any machine, it’s always best to know the basics about the device. So what is a CNC router?

A CNC (computer numerical control) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine, a digital manufacturing technology, providing high accuracy parts directly from the CAD file. CNC tools can rotate tools around a various number of axes, usually 3 or 5 axes. The CAD model is first designed, and then a machinist turns the CAD file into a CNC program called G-code. During manufacturing, CNC tools such as mills, grinders, routers, etc., are automated and controlled by a computer, an awesome technology. 

A CNC router will allow extremely complicated parts to be cut in a very short period to a very high degree of accuracy, which maximizes the usage of material and creates a product very aesthetically pleasing. If you cannot access your Wi-Fi router, visit IP Router Login. Our website features various Router access guides and useful troubleshooting tips and tricks for these Wi-Fi Router devices. If you’re machining material such as big sheets of wood, glass, a router is best for it.

This guide will create a framework for you about one such CNC tool, i.e., the CNC router.

Types of Materials

When it comes to CNC machining, there is no shortage of materials! Almost any kind of hard material can be used. Commonly used materials are aluminum, ABS, brass, etc. It would be best if you stuck to metal materials for the best results. 

So you want to build a CNC router but don’t know where to start? Then this guide is for you. Before making a machine, everyone has some thoughts, “how much will this cost?” “How difficult will it be to go about this?” We’ll be covering all of these questions for you in this guide to keep you from making mistakes that might cost you time and money.


How much will it cost? This depends entirely on how big of a bed you want, what material you’re going for, the amount of time you have and your requirements for training, and last but not least is your budget. Budget is a factor that will determine many of your decisions. 


You’re considering building a CNC router, so you must have some design ideas in your mind. For this machine, a three-dimensional drawing is required.

 Every design is unique, but there are two overall design styles for a CNC router:

1) Mobile Gantry, stationary bed

2) Stationary Gantry, Mobile bed

You should choose the mobile bed design if you want to build a smaller machine that is compact and easier to make that will offer a rigid gantry. 

To draw the design idea you have in your mind, you can use any software you are comfortable with. Some free 3D modeling software programs that you can use are Google SketchUp and 123D from Autodesk. and SketchUp from Google

Before building a CNC router, another factor you should consider because it will have a great effect on the type of machine you’ll have to create is “what will you be making with your CNC machine?”

Getting started, step by step:


The frame and base will support the machine, hold everything together and provide a rigid basis. This part will be the main structural element of your device.


Believe it or not, a CNC router table can be used all day for one year with good maintenance. Users need to pay great attention to the table because it’s only possible to get great results from a CNC machine when you have a stable table. There are different tabletop types like T slots, Vacuum, Perforated and disposable. Different tabletop types are built with other materials. T-slot is found in the most standard CNC machine and is made from tooling steels.


This is a crucial part of the CNC router. There are different spindle types and sizes, and they all meet different needs. A 500-W is the one for you if you’re building a smaller CNC router. Other types of spindle include 800 W, 1.5 KW


CNC Routers are usually available in 3 Axes or 5 Axis CNC formats. Common CNC routers are skate bearings, v-groove bearings, round linear rail, profile linear rail, etc.

3 Axis CNC router machines are used for cutting 2D and 2.5D parts. A 3 Axis CNC router is a simple CNC router that moves three axes simultaneously, the X-axis, the Y-axis, and the Z-axis. You need to decide which type of axis system you will use for the machine.


A CNC router uses desktop programs like CAD, or Computer-Assisted Design, to gather the design you want to work on and command the machine to cut exactly what you want on the material. 

The basic software suite for CNC Router are:

  1. CAD Software: CAD (Computer-Aided Design). CAD Software is made for creating and revising your drawings on the computer with measurements applied to the pictures.  
  2. CAM Software: CAM stands (Computer-Aided Manufacturing). This software creates the G-code by using your CAD design. This G-Code then tells your CNC machine how to cut in your desired design.


That’s about it. Now you know how to go about this and make your CNC router. Once you’re done, your machine will be cutting the material based on your design! 

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