How Can You Install A Wi-Fi Protected Setup At Home?

Ever struggled with setting up your WPS at your home when you very barely know anything about it or what it is at the very least? Well, if that is what has been on your mind and bothering you, then sit back and glance at this blog. We have the exact instructions that, if you follow accordingly, can fix your WPS(Push button) and WPS(pin code) and handle the situation. 

Let us begin with the preliminary information of what precisely this WPS is.

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup, abbreviated as WPS, is a security measure for the Wi-Fi connection of your home or office or any space. Want to know more about routers? RouterLogin provides you the perfect guides. It secures the Wi-Fi of the house and prevents unwanted devices or users from connecting to your internet. 

Did you ever realize how infuriating it would have been if your household Wi-Fi did not have a security aid and anyone in the network range would have access to use it? Yes, this was a real-life scenario after which WPS was developed to provide security to Wi-Fi networks. 

That being said, we have listed the advantages of having a personal Wi-Fi setup.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Protected Setup

  • Permit users who are unaware of wireless connections to secure their network 
  • Being the best option out there to protect your Wi-Fi from being inaccurately used. 
  • Simpler to include in new devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Block unwanted users from using your Wi-Fi.
  • Permitting wanted users to access Wi-Fi.

Prerequisites for Setting up your WPS

Before you set up your WPS, here are a few things that you might want to consider so that you would be able to identify ports better and have your setup done quicker. So, here you go:

WPS can often be represented as some other terms as well and are used interchangeably. So, if you see these terms, acknowledge them to be the WPS setting of your gadgets. The terms are 

  • Push-button
  • Wi-Fi simple config
  • Push n Connect
  • PBC
  • QSS- Quick Secure Setup

Check the router if it has a button by the name WPS. The majority of the routers have inbuilt WPS. But just as mentioned, the majority of them have it and not all. So make sure that your router has this option to enable WPS.

Now to the device you choose to establish WPS, get into the Network menu and look if the WPS option is available. You can establish a WPS only if both the router and the device are compatible with WPS.

So here is How you are Supposed to Install the WPS (Push Button) at Your Home

  1. Get ahold of the remote of your television or whatever device and push into the button HOME.
  2. Go into the settings menu.
  3. Tap into the Network option.
  4. Click on Network Set up or Setup Network Connections.
  5. Tap on your wireless options, which can be named either wireless or wireless LAN or Wi-Fi.
  6. Among the available options, click on WPS(Push button).
  7. The START button is the origin of the search for a WPS connection.
  8. Immediately click on the WPS button of your router so that it gets activated as well, and the connection can be established.
  9. Once the connection is done, OK is all you have to click on to secure this WPS connection.

How to Setup WPS (Pin Code)

  1. Get ahold of the remote of your television or whatever device and push into the button HOME.
  2. Go into the settings menu.
  3. Tap into the Network option.
  4. Go into Wi-Fi direct settings.
  5. Click on OPTIONS on your remote.
  6. Among the options, select manual and go into Other Methods.
  7. WPS(PIN) would be one of your options.
  8. Tap into it and set your password.

Even after exhausting all of your options, and if you still do not have your WPS connection established, try your hand at these options.

Bring the device in a network range of the router. You could do this by displacing the router much closer to the device. 

Verify once again if you have turned on the WPS of both your router and the device.

Some Interesting Facts About WPS

  • It is a very common misconception that WPS slows down the internet your Internet Service Provider is providing. But that is an absolute myth. WPS only focuses on securing the network and making it available only for enlisted devices. It has no role in completely obstructing or slowing down your internet connection.
  • A large number of Wi-Fi routers are equipped with WPS, which is inbuilt in the system.
  • WPS acts as a very safeguard in Android models and therefore is crucial for a secure network.
  • Your Wi-Fi provider or the Wi-Fi owner can look into your browsing history and get to know all you have searched for. They also can deduce the applications you are using from the device which is connected to the Wi-Fi.

Want to know a solution to this? If you do not want your service provider to understand what you are searching for, turn your Wi-Fi off and switch to your mobile phone internet network when you wish to search for something confidential. This would conceal your data, and they would not know these aspects.


WPS acts as a safeguard to protect your Wi-Fi from being exploited by unwanted users. WPS can only be established if both the router and your device are compatible with WPS. This is one of the primary checkpoints to make this happen. The protocol to set up your WPS, either Push button or PIN, has been mentioned above.

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