10 Ways How To Fix Errors On Torrents

File-sharing is coordinated with the BitTorrent protocol via peer-to-peer (P2P). Torrents are methods for file distribution over the internet. In comparison with traditional file sharing, torrent-based sharing has several advantages. You don’t need expensive server equipment to send files to many people at once, and you can download large sets of data from low-bandwidth (slow) networks just as easily. This website has plenty of articles and how-to guides related to the tech world. These tips will surely prove useful in your daily life

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However, torrents can also be problematic. Some common errors you may encounter when using torrents and suggestions on how to resolve them are given below:

1. Internet Concern

An internet connection issue may cause an abnormal downloading process. The overall downloading process of the torrent becomes slower even with constant connection and disconnection because every time it connects, it has to load all the trackers again, which is quite time-consuming.


  1. Change your Wi-Fi connection to a more stable one.
  2. Use a UPS if you have an electrical issue.
  3. Try sitting closer to your Wi-Fi, or if you use LAN, don’t use a too-long cable.

2. Bad Tracker data

The Tracker server helps users find one another by tracking all the users who are connected.

Trackers would display an error page if something was wrong or become overloaded by requests if something was amiss.


  1. You can try leaving your client on for a while to see if the problem resolves itself. If you can not see any results, try updating the tracker a couple of times with intervals in between; otherwise, you might need to find a better torrent file.

3. Connecting to Peers

A peer is someone downloading the file from a seeder (uploader of the full file) but who doesn’t yet have the full file. Occasionally, you won’t connect to a peer/user, so your download speed will suffer.


  1. Keep your torrents client open, and there are chances that the torrent client will get connected after some time. Due to different time zones, the busy time of your peers might be other than yours. Try leaving your torrent running overnight and see if the torrent has any active peers.

4. No Space Left on the Device

To store the downloaded files on your Hard Drive, the client requires a lot of space. Insufficient space on the hard drive could cause problems.


  1. Make sure you have enough hard drive space to accommodate such torrent client errors. If you download ‘.torrent’ files rather than using magnet links, make sure to delete the ‘.torrent’ file after the download is complete as they take up unnecessary space. You can also make a separate folder for downloading torrents to keep track of them.

5. Permission Denied

You may still have your BitTorrent client running in the background from your last session; if you start the client in more than one instance, it will attempt to download the same torrent twice, and you will receive a permission denied message.


  1. Open Task Manager and shut down all instances of your client. You should be able to use BitTorrent again after restarting the application. If not, you can restart your computer to give it another try.

6. System Cannot find the path specified

When downloading a torrent, you might accidentally edit the folder properties. As a result, this error occurs.

Check the location of the file in your torrent client. Verify that no mismatches exist. Any such files should be renamed accordingly. Also, check for the folder properties. If READ ONLY is selected, unselect it, and restart your torrent client. Restarting your computer may also fix this problem. Finally, try downloading the torrent file again after deleting the old one.

7. Torrent Client not Responding

BitTorrent stopped responding, and now every time you open it, it’s still not working.


  1. Close it using the task manager. By ending the task, all its processes stop, so basically, you are forced to shut it down. On the next restart, run it as admin. If the problem persists, check your firewall permissions. You have to make an exception there. However, BitTorrent automatically adds itself to the exception, but your anti-virus might be blocking it.

8. Not Downloading

Torrent clients download files in really small packets of data coming from fellow downloaders and uploaders. As discussed earlier, if there are no seeders or peers, your download might not even start.


  1. Update the tracker and see if it can find any new peers. If it fails to work, close BitTorrent. It would be best to type %APPDATA% in the File Explorer address bar and open the folder. Afterwards, navigate to the BitTorrent folder and delete the file named resume. DAT.

If the problem persists, try finding a different torrent file with a better number of seeders.

9. Torrent Stuck at 99%

This is the worst of all, and there is no particular fix for this. This happens because of Anti-Leech protection, or a specific torrent file is missing ( i.e., bad torrents or not available to download ).


  1. Use a torrents client which does not use Anti-Leech protection like Azureus. If this doesn’t work, you might have a bad torrents file. Check for any better torrents file if you can find it. 
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