Bring In More Interior Design Customers Via Pinterest

Pinterest is well known as a hub for DIY crafts, recipes, and stay at home moms trying to be “extra”. However, did you know that it can be used as a great tool to market a business and bring in more customers – especially an interior design business. Here are tips on how to grow your Pinterest account to attract new customers and drive revenue.

Use Strategies To Popularize Your Pins

There are several companies online (such as SocialWick) that can be used to get more likes, followers, and repins. Anything you can do to get more engagement from your followers on Pinterest will be beneficial to your business because it will increase your brand awareness by giving you more exposure.

Analyze Engagement From Your Followers

After you post for a while, look back at the analytics and try to recognize patterns in which type of content your followers prefer.  In other words, give your audience what they want. If they are liking and repinning you 3D design models, then post more of that. Go by their preferences and you will be able to grow your audience.

Post A Variety Of Content

Many businesses make the mistake of only posting one or two different types of content that they have seen results from. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies and get creative. Don’t limit yourself to photos only, as Pinterest allows short videos as well. You can post the final results from past jobs (with the owner’s permission of course), or you can post a timelapse of your design process. Don’t worry about anyone stealing your creative process, there is much more to design than can be limited to a video. So, don’t be afraid of sharing your creative process.

Interact With Other Accounts

If all your activity on Pinterest is posting, you may be seen as overly promotional. Therefore, the best approach is to interact as other users would. Look up other design pins and create relevant boards, repinning as you see fit. Comment on their pins, and reply to comments as best as you can. This will create a better brand image for you, as users (potential customers) will see you as more approachable and relatable.

Keywords, Hashtags and SEO

As with any content online, you should make it easier for people to find you using search engines. This means using the appropriate keywords for your content, as well as hashtags. Research how people are searching for interior design ideas and add those hashtags to your pins. This is the ideal method to index your pins, as you will be optimizing the content for search engines: the essence of SEO.

Post Regularly

It doesn’t help you if you post only once in a blue moon. You should try your best to post frequently to keep your audience engaged and stay relevant in their minds. Keeping them waiting will make them forget about your services, and Pinterest’s algorithm will stop recommending your pins to many people.

Marketing your interior design business is not difficult. By following the aforementioned tips, you can attract many potential customers.

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