Guide to a Recruitment Agency in Adelaide

Recruitment agencies seem to be a dime a dozen, but they’re a lot different than just your average temp service. In Adelaide, it’s important that you get the best company that can provide you with permanent employment when necessary. Sometimes jobs can be very hard to find, and a quality recruitment service can help with that compared to a temp agency. We’ll tell you how in this guide, and about the numerous benefits that you can get when you use one of the best recruitment services in all of Australia.

You Don’t Get Permanent Work Always

With a temp agency, you’re not going to always get a consistent work opportunity, and it can stop at any time. Staffing agencies are often used when an employer often needs a basic need filled. If someone is even closely qualified to the minimum to do that job, then they’ll hire them and use them as long as they need. This means that once a job is done, or they’ve paid you enough for their budget, you end up getting canned and the job’s over with.

With, they get all of your information – your resume, your contact information, etc. They act as a middle-man as an application provider So the employer can more easily decide from applicants on which one is the most qualified. They offer more permanent placements than temp agencies can have as well, so you can end up finding your career job rather than bouncing around.

The Pay is Different Too

Some temp agencies will pay a certain amount to their employees, but you’ll be working at the company. That means you’re not on their payroll, their insurance, or anything. While this is a blessing to some, it can also be a burden. By using a good recruiting agency though, you are paid by the employer that hires you. This means that you are on all of these things, and you can have the possibility for more benefits as well. You can earn things like company-based vacation, and much more. You don’t get these benefits from many temporary placement companies.

Permanent Placement Agencies Are Better

When you are looking for a recruiting agency, some are dedicated to one specific type of work (for example – Information Technology, Office Jobs, Retail, etc.), or they can be able to hire people for multiple industries at once. Many of them have a wide variety of jobs available on their catalogue, and they don’t hire you, they’re basically the “pre-screeners”.

They Can Fix Your Resume

One good thing is that a good recruitment agency will help you get your resume actually seen by the employer. With a staffing agency, it’s just a tossup on which person that filled out the agency’s dockets is going to picked by the employer. So basically, your resume doesn’t matter. With a recruitment agency, you can increase your prospects because they will help tailor your resume to fit the companies needs as close as possible.


While it may be hard to find a job, it doesn’t have to be. With the current trends of 2020, and with all of the COVID-19 pandemic starting to dwindle, more and more jobs are opening – some of which are completely remote as well. You’ll have better chances of finding the career you want to work for a long time too!

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