How to Use Reverse Picture Search to Build More Backlinks?

When we talk about backlinks or link building in general, the first thing that comes in our mind is preparing guest posts, content marketing, or backlink maker tools! Well, these are no doubt the finest ways of getting quality backlinks, but you should know that you can also get backlinks with the help of images and reverse image search. Now you don’t have to be surprised, the getting of backlinks using images is a very common method these days this is more effective than others by some SEO experts. Now in this three-minute read time content, we are going to tell you about the best backlink building methods using images, Guaranteed!

Image Sharing

The first point at which you can do to get backlinks is to simply start sharing images on social media. You can easily use the keywords relative to your niche and content and put them in the reverse search tool to get the most popular images. You can share these pictures on your social media page and ask people for backlinks that are relative to your content! This is one of the basic ways of getting a link if you like this method, then use it else you can simply move to the next one!

Use Reverse Image Search Tools

If you want to connect with other sites with backlinks, then an easy way to do it is to simply save your image on your device and then enter it in the reverse image search engine or image search tool. The modern image search tool by will help you get the most authentic information, including similar images on the web relative to your input. Now when you have similar images, you can easily track the websites that are having them and can connect them for backlinks. Duplichecker photo search tool is considered to be the best choice for the link building!

Image Bookmarking 

Many image bookmarking tools can help you in getting backlinks. You should know that the image bookmarking tools are a type of reverse image searching tool but with a slightly different working method. On these platforms, you can simply share your images so that people or website owners who connect to your images can easily connect with you through the backlinking method. You can get quality and high authority backlinks with the help of this way, and you can search for an image using reverse search which you have to enter in this platform!


Memes are a very important format of media and are in trend today, so it is only intelligent to cash this trend by getting quality backlinks. We want our readers to know you will see memes on different platforms, and you can save them and make a reverse search on them. You should know that meme-makers are very advanced in their departments and fields so it would be easy for you to get a positive response and quality linking. You should know that after saving and sending the meme to the reverse image search tool, one can easily find the owner and can connect with them for backlinks!

Badges and Awards

A tremendous method of getting quality links is with the help of giving out badges and awards. Many websites provide awards, badges and certificates to other bloggers who add to their niche. These badges are virtual images of awards that one provides, so this is a very clever way of getting linked to the blogs and the pages that have relative content to yours. If you are a website owner who has a travel website, then you can easily connect to the blogs for the best travelling and best backpacker for linking! This is a very known method all across the globe!

Chart and Graphs

Charts and graphs are also a part of visual content, so if you want to make backlinks with reverse image search, then this is also a very clever way of doing so. All you have to do is input personal web charts and graphs in the reverse image search engine or tools and enter search. The tools will get you the most relative results which will include the graphs and charts by other websites. You can easily get engaged with these websites if you can see their brand logos on the charts. This is also a very common way of getting backlinks through images!

The best reverse tool that can help you search for images is the one by duplichecker as it is simply a free and reliable tool that can get you the most accurate and relative results!

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