Secrets to Get Perfectly Glowing Skin

Is your face in need of some glow and sheen?

Flawless radiance and natural skin glow are what everyone longs for. Lifestyle changes, poor eating habits, and exposure to sun and dirt are some major factors affecting your skin’s glow. But know that, there is no magic wand to achieve glowing skin. Beautiful skin is all about following good skincare practices. Stay calm, just invest some time and love to get glowing skin.

Here are the tried-and-true secrets to gorgeous skin from top dermatologists and makeup artists.

1. Massage, Massage, Massage

A ten minutes massage a day goes a long way in keeping your skin smooth and glowing. Massage your face in an anti-clockwise circular manner to promote circulation. For this, you can either use a face roller or your hands. If you spare some extra time on massaging, your skin will restore damages to naturally regain its fairer complexion. Massaging is a hot trend these days. It works great to remove toxins from your skin, thereby leaving it fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Go for a Hydrating Mask

Is your skin feeling and dull and dry? Use a hydrating mask to regain your glow. These masks are skin-boosting products to keep your skin hydrated all day long. They work by removing excess oil to clear up your pores to improve the overall tonality of your skin. These masks are great to be used during winters. By replenishing your skin moisture, hydrating masks ensure that your skin feels and looks cleansed and clear for a long time.

3. Make Sure to Apply SPF Daily

No surprise, you have probably heard it thousands of times, using SPF is a sure-shot way to keep your skin glowing, even during the harshest weather. Most skin issues arise because of constant exposure to the sun. Rather than finding a fix afterward, it is better to opt for prevention. Well, this comes with regular application of SPF creams and serums. These creams are infused with ingredients that block rays to protect your skin from intense damages. If you are a regular SPF user, blemishes, scars, sunburns, and skin inflammation will always stay far from you.

4. Invest in Moisturisers

Moisturisation is a key to healthy skin. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in all such products that keep your skin nourished. The list starts with body oil. This is an essential skin-soothing product to include in your skin care regimen. Add a few drops of body oil to the bath thereafter apply body butter post-shower. Body butter is typically a sort of moisturiser that addresses skin dryness. It can be applied to all problem areas including the elbow and knees.


If fine lines and dullness are stealing away your charisma, then these secrets are your saviour. Incorporate them into your routine and wake up to naturally glowing skin. But remember, what you eat also affects your skin glow. So, it is highly recommended to switch to healthy practices in your day-to-day routine.

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