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SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation. It involves improving websites to attract traffic. The use of content creation by infusing targeted words and phrases known as keywords help the available search engines get the website or page.

SEO Basics

For you to become an SEO content writer, you must understand how optimisation of a search engine works. If your content gets written, you have to find keywords or phrases to help you build your wordings around. Sometimes it’s better to ask for online writing help. The client should provide you with these. Here are the steps to research the keywords and phrases:

  1. Find a keyword tool like Google’s Keyword Tool.
  2. Check for the quantity of the searches done for the keyword in the past four weeks.
  3. Check for the competition that exists in that phrase. If there are many searches and stiff competition, it will be difficult for you to rank a particular keyword in the engine of your choice.

Places to use the Keywords in SEO Writing

After establishing the words and phrases to be used, you may want to put them in their specific areas on the page or the site. They should appear in the following areas:

  • Headlines and Main titles
  • Subheadings and subtitles
  • Metadata like descriptions and keywords
  • Relevant pages links
  • Graphic titles

If you have gotten paid for writing only the content, you must use the keyword in titles and subs, headlines, and in the body of the article.

SEO Writing Keywords Frequency

Writing can be boring for most readers when they get to the search engine. Google backlashes a keyword that has gotten used severally. It is known as stuffing. The average percentage to use a keyword, as most experts say, is between 3% and 7%. Online programs and WordPress will help you analyse the frequency of your keywords to tell you if it is a lot of enough.

Writing SEO for Readers

As a writer, you need to have a top-notch quality work with well-written joints that the readers will not only understand but also will be willing to share and engage. You should write an article to appease the reader. The client should provide you with instructions on the style and tone you should incorporate in your writing. Once you have drafted the whole thing, skim through the page and find where to input the keyword. Also, check if you have put them in all the required texts.

The Success of SEO does not depend entirely on Writing.

As an experienced writer, you should understand that the ranking of the search engine does not get determined by the content only. You may have the best copy that no one else has ever had. It will still fail to attract traffic because the results arising to searches are determined by other factors. They include the interaction of other people, the age of the website, and the links from other sites to it.

As your responsibility is to write the wordings, it should be in your best interest to share the information before your clients to help you do the surplus work that should boost the site and make it visible to the general public.

Becoming a writer for SEO

The next big step you should make is to get deeper into the world of SEO

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