Signs You Need Orthotics in Sydney

Pain in the heel, corn and calluses, twisted ankles are some of the reason you might need orthotics. Orthotics focuses on the design and application of Orthoses. This device is used to modify the characteristics of the human neuromuscular and skeletal system.

Foot Pain and Swelling

Individuals nowadays are facing a lot of issues with their health. However, many don’t know how to deal with pain and discomfort in the body. Some people even disregard the fact that they need to get themselves checked as they find it bearable at first. However, they suffer a lot later on. You should always check for signs that your body is giving out to you. It may save you from severe pain and extreme health issues. Pointing out the signs you might need custom orthotics in Sydney.

  1. Foot Pain and Swelling: When walking if you are experiencing foot pain or swelling or sometimes the pain even arises while you are standing, don’t neglect it. You need to get yourself checked by a podiatrist. Living with foot pain is not necessary and with the help of orthotics, your problem can be solved. Your podiatrist will help you get rid of the problem by investigating the cause of the discomfort. They help guide you on the kind of footwear you should be wearing along with appropriate exercises to help you get back in shape.
  2. Sharp Heel Pain: Some people suffer from sharp heel first thing in the morning when they wake up from their sleep. This can be a sign of plantar fasciitis, which means you might need orthotics to get better. The sharp heel pain which you are feeling now is due to inflammation of a thick tissue which runs from your heel to the toe. Hence you need to support the foot’s arc. If you are overweight you might have a higher rate of inflammation as your weight puts a lot of pressure on the leg. Don’t wear high heel shoes if you have sharp pain in your heels. It will aggravate the pain. There are custom-made orthotics which help you in providing support to your Heel by providing proper cushioning.
  3. Flat Foot Or High Arc: People who have flat feet experience foot pain and rolling of the foot inward. Orthotics provide help by relieving pressure on the heel and reduce rolling of the foot. If you are suffering from corns, calluses or twisting of your ankle you may take advantage of orthotics.
  4. Balance or Falling Over: Older people might face balance-related problems while walking. Constant help of orthotics can help them get stability and reduce the fall and discomfort while walking
  5. Uneven Shoes: Your footwear plays an important part in giving out signs that you might need to get the pain checked. If a sole is more worn inside, it suggests inward rolling of your foot but the outward rolling is a sign of outward rolling. Sometimes you would see that your one show is more worn out than the other. This shows that there is a difference in the lengths of the leg. Suggesting you might need orthotics.
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