Top 5 Best eBook Websites in 2021

With the entire world coping with the lockdown and’ work from home culture, several online features have been unlocked for people reluctant to use online platforms. E-payments, online shopping, and E-learning has been included in the ‘New normal.’ Why would you think book nerds be left out in this race? Those huge bookshelves piled up with gigantic books are rarely seen in real life today. Although physical books still have their magic retained, ebooks have spread their roots among the masses. Numerous websites offer thousands of ebooks with just a click.4

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Over here are the top 5 ebooks websites which you need to check out right now to enjoy a great reading experience!

1. Project Gutenberg 

 Project Gutenberg provides its users with more than 60,000 ebooks free of cost. It offers its users to choose from free epub books and free kindle books. It keeps on adding an average of 50 new ebooks every week.

It is a must-visit for all literature lovers, and it provides the majority of old classics and works of great writers. One can read them online or download and read as per one’s convenience. Most of the ebooks available are in the English language, but several non-English books (French, Spanish, Russian) are also available.

With no registration fees and hidden charges, you get to read several old and latest books 24×7. All you need to do is search for the latest books, extensively among all thousands of old ones. If you have these qualities of patience and perseverance in you, then there is no other better place than Project Gutenberg!

2. Baen Free Library 

 All the sci-fi lovers can unite under the sky of Baen Free Library. If you love fantasies, and thrillers then this is the perfect place for you. Various newbie writers are also allowed to publish their books in a digital format. Therefore, readers get to read a bunch of new stories from all these writers. It is a great way to encourage new and raw talent. Also, don’t worry about the budget as the cost for a subscription is reasonable.

3. BookBoon

 It is an online publishing house that provides a vast array of books of student literature. Over 900 books are freely available over the website for students interested in engineering, business, information technology, economics, natural sciences, and a lot more. The website also has a professional wing that provides ebooks on marketing, management, accounting, personal development, and computer software skills.

A few years ago, the website also launched its corporate E-library, which provides companies with internal learning solutions. Its interface is easy to use, and most importantly, you don’t need to register at all to avail all of these facilities. So, no risks of your data breach. You can access and download thousands of ebooks anytime, and that too free of cost. Could this deal be any better?

4. Book Pebble 

Book Pebble is one of the fastest-growing ebook websites around the globe. This website provides you with thousands of free as well as buyable books online. There are no charges for signing in, but you get a wide range of recommendations customized to your choices just for you! Believe it; you will be spoilt for choices. Along with reading books, this website also gives a platform for you to promote your books.


This website offers you a wide variety of genres, from fiction to adventure and action to romance. You can see the reviews and ratings provided by other readers to make your choice and choose the books that are best suitable for you. What are you waiting for? Check this website right now and get started, as it is straightforward to use!

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