5 Great Types of Writing | Strategies of Writing

At the time of writing, there is a great diversity of styles, forms, and languages. Each type of writing, simply, must go according to what the writer wants to express detailed in Edupeet Currently, there are five major types of writing to choose and write what you want to communicate. They are the academic, literary, journalistic, administrative and technical writing.

Academic Writing

The academic writing is one whose texts are characterized by describing information in a  systematic and logical. It is typical of the scientific and university environment.

The topics that can be dealt with in an essay of this style are as broad as the variety of existing sciences. Academic papers can be written that fall under the scope of sociology, psychology, works that investigate some phenomenon or technological product, etc.

In this type of writing the use of certain writing, rules is very important. An example would be when we want to write a monograph on a specific topic.

Literary Writing

The literary writing is what is intended artistic expression through the written language. A literary work, such as a poem, can express a number of feelings, emotions or ideas of the writer. Examples of literary texts are found in certain types of essays, in stories, in novels, poems, etc. Literary writings also belong to nonfiction writings such as memoirs, autobiography, among others. Literary writing is characterized by giving the writer complete freedom at the time of writing.

It will depend on the author of a certain literary work what it is that you want to transmit. There will be occasions in which said writer wishes to simply manifest his thought about a certain topic.

Journalistic writing

Journalistic writing is the one used in the written media. The journalistic texts are characterized mainly by reporting news or current events or by expressing an opinion about such events.

Common examples of this type of writing can be found in Journalistic Chronicles in purely informative articles of a newspaper, in the articles of the opinion of a columnist, etc.

It should be noted that the journalistic texts have gained great importance and diffusion today thanks to the internet. This has made possible, among other things, the enrichment of the newsroom together with its massive diffusion through the networks.

Formal or Administrative Drafting

The formal or administrative drafting is that used in documents, notes of various kinds, curricula, and other writings of frequent use in workplaces and other similar areas. The administrative writings usually have a specific writing format due to its formal character. In them, the editor must refrain from expressing himself in a personal language.

The other important aspect is the structure. If we want to write, for example, a
memorandum, it is important to know the correct form and location of the recipient data, the corresponding greeting, the language to be used in the document, the topic to be discussed, etc.

Technical Drafting

Technical writing refers to the writings of a particular science or discipline. The texts of this type of writing are characterized by having a language and an editorial structure exclusive of the scientific field to which they belong. In most cases, it is difficult for a person who does not have a minimum of experience or knowledge of the science or field to which the document is written with the technical language belongs, to fully understand what is written in the said document.

Writing Strategies

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