What is FDSA Federation of Direct Selling Association | How to Start Own MLM Company in India

FDSA – Federation of Direct Selling Association is a non-political, non-profit organization registered under Society Act at Hyderabad to represent the voice of genuine direct selling companies in India with Union & State Governments; to achieve much needed legal sanctity. Few like-minded companies & expert personalities from the industry joined us for doing the best possible with own collective resources and intellectual strengths. The Chronology of activities and achievements are displayed on this Website as a ready reckoner.

FDSA, formed in 2011, not only to bring awareness on direct selling; but also protected it from various quarters. Since then, FDSA has continuously worked for acceptance of Direct Selling by the media, the authorities and the general public. Through region wise workshops across India, FDSA brought awareness on genuine direct selling business practices and finally demonstrated our strength in Annual Direct Selling Meet held at Talkatora Stadium on 8th Sep 2016.

What is FDSA Federation of Direct Selling Association

To bring uniformity in the direct selling business, FDSA drafted the Guidelines for Direct Selling Business In India During 2013, derived out of the best of the regulatory framework being practised across the world with customization to meet Indian socio-economic environment.

With a sincere struggle for last 5 years, we have achieved a new beginning for our industry with the Release of Model Guidelines on Direct Selling by Govt. of India on 9th Sep 2016, and the same has been Gazetted on 26th Oct 2016.

To inculcate discipline in the Direct Selling industry, we have framed a Negative Products list, based on the bad experiences of MLM Scams took place in India over the past 2 decades. The sole aim was to help new aspirants with awareness on finding genuine direct selling companies and keep away from money circulations schemes. Please visit Negative Product List in English or Negative Product List in Hindi . Beginning of 2016, the same was published This will be a helpful yardstick to identify genuine business practices for the gullible people and stay away from the scams.


FDSA – Federation of Direct Selling Association started the mission for Disciplined Direct Selling in India and is working with a three-pronged strategy.

1. Advocating Government
FDSA is representing the voice of genuine direct selling companies with Government of India & State Governments to form an appropriate legislative framework with the help of progressive statistics and opinions to safeguard the direct selling industry in India. Further, FDSA is coordinating with other fellow organizations, agencies and media on the promotion of the industry prospects.

2. Awareness Campaigning
FDSA is conducting regional awareness programs across the nation, responding to emails/call from the general public on their queries about direct selling companies, providing clarifications on various industry related queries and managing social media for right kind of contents.

3. Abide by Vigilant & Surveillance 
 Keeping Surveillance on the direct selling companies and their marketing practises.
Vigilant on money circulation schemes/companies, collective investment schemes, Ponzi Schemes and report to the relevant concerned law enforcement authorities.


The Direct Selling business in India is fast becoming the need of the common man. It has percolated the growth opportunities down up to the weakest section of the society and it has significantly contributed to our economy also. Unfortunately, this fast-growing stream of business had no regulatory authority until the recent past to govern the Direct Selling Business in India. Exploiting this lacuna, many unethical fly-by-night people invaded the business and duped innocent Indian public.

This situation prompted to initiate a mission to save this noble profession in the larger interest of the public and our nation. A few like-minded people founded FDSA, which is the sole representative of Indian Direct Selling companies now, and took the reformation of the industry as personal responsibility. A few genuine direct selling companies rendered their resources for the struggle of industry. FDSA is thankful to them.

FDSA is working with the government on a policy matter, with the investigation agencies on nabbing the unethical players and with law enforcement authorities for the protection of genuine direct selling entities.

During 2013, in the absence of any guidelines from the government, FDSA had formed self-governing ‘Code of Conduct for FDSA membership companies’ to recognize genuine Direct Selling Business models and award memberships to them. It is a proud moment for us, that the FDSA Code of Conduct is totally in-line with the Direct Selling Guidelines-2016 released on 9th September 2016 notified in the Gazette on 26th October 2016.

फाउण्डर मेम्बरशिप | FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP

एफडीएसए की स्थापना के बाद से उद्योग के लिए संघर्ष कर रही उन 4 कंपनियों को फाउण्डर मेम्बरशिप से सम्मानित किया गया जिन्होंने भारत में डिसिप्लिन्ड डायरेक्ट सेलिंग के एफडीएसए मिशन के लिए अपने संसाधनों को समर्पित किया था। ये सभी कंपनियां फेलो मेम्बर हैं और साथ ही इनकी फाउण्डर मेम्बरशिप भी हमेशा के लिए बनी हुई है।

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The Founder Membership was awarded to the 4 companies who were engaged in the struggle for the industry since the inception of FDSA and rendered their resources for the FDSA Mission of Disciplined Direct Selling in India. These companies are Fellow Members whose Founder Membership status has been mandated to remain in force for a lifetime.

फेलो मेम्बरशिप | FELLOW MEMBERSHIP

एफडीएसए की फेलो मेम्बरशिप उन कम्पनियों के लिए उपलब्ध है जो एफडीएसए द्वारा जारी कोड ऑफ़ कन्डक्ट का पालन करती हैं और मॉडल डायरेक्ट सेलिंग गाइडलाइन्स – 2016 के अनुपालन में हैं। इन कंपनियों पर फेडरेशन द्वारा सख्त निगरानी की जाती है और मेम्बरशिप का वार्षिक नवीकरण उनके संतोषजनक व्यवसाय आचरण और नैतिक कार्यशैली के आधार पर किया जाता है।

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Fellow Membership is available to those companies who abide by the FDSA Code of Conduct and are in compliance with the Model Direct Selling Guidelines-2016. The companies are kept under strict vigil by the Federation and annual renewal of membership is done on the basis of satisfactory business conduct and ethical practices.

प्रोविज़नल मेम्बरशिप | PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP

प्रोविज़नल मेम्बरशिप उन आवेदकों के लिए है जो या तो स्टार्ट-अप हैं या फिर डायरेक्ट सेलिंग में एक वर्ष से कम समय से हैं और डायरेक्ट सेलिंग व्यवसाय चलाने के लिए डायरेक्ट सेलिंग गाइडलाइन्स -2016 के अनुरूप सिस्टम को तैयार करने में एफडीएसए के मार्गदर्शन का लाभ लेना चाहते हैं और दिशानिर्देशों के अनुपालन के लिए प्रतिबद्ध हैं। ऐसी कंपनियां समयबद्ध सुधार की प्रतिबद्धता के साथ निर्धारित प्रारूप पर एक हलफनामा देकर, अधिकतम 12 महीनों के लिए प्रोविज़नल मेम्बरशिप का विकल्प चुन सकती हैं। यह विंडो केवल एक बार के लिए ही उपलब्ध है। सुधार की प्रतिबद्धता को पूरा करने में विफल होने पर सदस्यता निरस्त हो जाएगी और कंपनी को नया सदस्यता आवेदन प्रस्तुत करना होगा।

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The Provisional Membership is available either for the start-up or less than one-year-old companies, who want to avail the guidance of FDSA in carving out a Direct Selling Guidelines compliant system for carrying out Direct Selling Business and working for compliance of the Guidelines/FDSA Code of Conduct. Such companies have to express their commitment of time-bound reformation through an affidavit on a prescribed format, subject to maximum 12 months only. This window is available for once only. Failing to meet the time commitment for the compliance, the membership stands cancelled and a fresh membership application needs to be submitted by the company.


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 Date of Release  Document
 06-Dec-2018 The Goa State Direct Selling Guidelines
 31-Oct-2018 The Tamil Nadu State Direct Selling Guidelines
 07-Aug-2018 The Rajasthan State Direct Selling Guidelines
 06-Jul-2018 The West Bengal State Direct Selling Guidelines
 20-June-2018 The Mizoram State Direct Selling Guidelines
 11-Feb-2018 The Kerala State Direct Selling Guidelines
 08-Feb-2018 The Odisha State Direct Selling Guidelines
 08-Dec-2017 The Andhra Pradesh State Direct Selling Guidelines 2017
 01-Dec-2017 The Telangana State Direct Selling Guidelines 2017
 24-Oct-2017 The Sikkim State Direct Selling Guidelines 2017
 10-Oct-2017 The Chhattisgarh State Direct Selling Guidelines 2017
 26-Oct-2016 The Govt. of India Gazette Guidelines
 09-Sep-2016 Model Guidelines on Direct Selling
 09-Sep-2016 Direct Selling Proforma
 10-Feb-2015 FDSA Guidelines
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